7 Tips To Choose The Best Cannabis Seed For You

So, are you having problems finding the perfect strain? Lucky day, we are here to help you!

Choosing a weed seed may seem overwhelming at first, but by answering a few simple questions, you will be able to narrow down the choices that suit you best.

Let’s start it:

# 1. Are you a beginner or an experienced grower?

growing marijuana

Some strains of marijuana are much harder to grow than others. Similarly, some have been engineered to be easy to grow, resistant to pests and can handle a lot more stress.

The less experienced the grower, the more important it is to choose an easy strain to grow.

For newbies, the best way to start is with INDICAS, beacuse they are robust and easy to grow.

Here what we recommend:

Big Bud XXLNorthern Lights
Autopilot XXL

# 2. Are you planning to grow INDOORS or OUTDOORS?


Generally, outdoor growers would want plants that will mature early before frosts, thieves and pests would come.

On the other hand, indoor growers would opt for compact plants that will get ripe quickly and grow uniformly. They consider uniformity so that light and space are used in the most efficient and the most predictable manner as much as possible.

Most strains that take longer time to mature are more suitable for outdoors. If you have a very long season, you can grow your strain outdoors. The flowering periods are all estimated and will differ depending on the weather conditions.

The seeds we recommend for indoors growers:

Auto Cheese
Auto White Widow
Auto Blue Amnesia

The seeds we recommend for outdoors growers:

Early XXX
Auto Blueberry

# 3. How big is the space you have?

sativa indica2

Keep in mind that your “growing space” is gonna tell you the size your plant can get and never the opposite.

Sativa-dominant seeds will produce tall plants with a substantial yield of premium-quality buds.

Indica-dominant seeds will produce shorter and more compact plants with a heavy yield of premium-quality buds.

Hybrid seed strains crossed with Ruderalis will produce premium buds on short compact auto-flowering plants that require less maintenance.

# 4. How is the climate where you live?

growing marijuana

Be sure to pick a strain that can grow in the climate you’re going to provide it.

Differences in leaf size reflect differences in sunlight strength and consistency. Larger leaves have evolved in locations with weaker light, in order to absorb as much sunlight as possible. The greater the leaf size, the more sunlight they can be exposed to at one point in time.

These differences may seem superficial at first, but in fact they can make a huge difference when you are deciding which strain to plant. If you live in a climate where there is not much sunlight, or it is particularly weak, then you will want to choose a strain that has a tendency for greater leaf sizes.

The seeds we recommend for who lives in Southern Europe, southern parts of the United States and Australia (warmer climates):

Ultra White Amnesia

The seeds we recommend for who lives in Northern Europe, northern parts of the United States and Canada (cooler climates):

Auto White Widow
Early XXX
Northern Lights

# 5. What kind of aroma do you like?


The aroma of the plant is another consideration for the grower, as some varieties produce a robust tell-tale skunky smell as they mature while others do not.

In Ministry of Cannabis, we varieties with delicious aromas for herb like caramel, pineapple, blueberry, chewing-gum, flowers and many others fruity flavors.

# 6. How long do you want to wait to harvest?

growing marijuana

Autoflowering varieties end to have a shorter growth cycle and are less fussy about lighting needs. These strains flower in as little as two to three weeks, and are ready for harvest in about eight weeks. Other strains flower in as little as nine to ten weeks.

Indica-dominant strains take longer to produce their highly desired buds. They generally flower in seven to eight weeks after vegetating (which takes between two and four weeks).

Sativa-dominant strains take the longest. Some original sativas strains can take up to 16 weeks to completely flower.  These tall gourmet plants may need to be staked or trained on a trellis, and protected from weather changes and pests. In Ministry of Cannabis we have managed to shorten up the time a lot and make them more resistant.

Tip: Planting feminized seeds will eliminate the uncertainty and potential waste of time, water and other resources that growers have endured in the past. Also buying feminized seeds increases your chances of growing a female plant from 50% to 99,9%.

In Ministry of Cannabis we sell only feminized seeds to always ensure the quality you deserve.

# 7. What type of stone/ high are you looking for?

growing marijuana

There are basically two options: the first is a ‘body stone’ that knocks you down and holds you there, which is synonymous of INDICAS.  The effect of an indica is basically a strong body and mind relaxation. If we compare it with a wine, this type of plant would be a heavy red selection.

A second type of stone is a cerebral high, often associated with SATIVAS. It goes from a creative feeling to a trippy feeling according to the strength. Comparing it with a wine, a sativa is the champagne of cannabis.

Are you ready?

Strain chosen? So, it’s time to visit our website and check out our hand picked seeds. We ship fast, discreetly and worldwide.

Order now! 



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