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Mix of Seeds

These Combos are exactly what you wanted, so we made them!

If you wanna try some of our most popular strains and save money at the same time, you should buy one of our Combo Packs. 

Each combo comes with 6 feminized seeds (2 seeds of 3 different strains).

Choose yours:

  • LIFE ENERGISER (All sativa strains: White Widow, Ultra White Amnesia and Mandarin Haze)
  • DEEP RELAX (All indica strains: Big Bud XXL, Northern Lights and Zensation Gold)

If you prefer to grow Autoflowering seeds (seeds that flower always automatically even in harsh climatic conditions, despite of the amount of light received and complete the whole cycle in about 2 months) you can choose between these Combos:

  • AUTO FUN (strains: Auto Blue Amnesia, Auto Mandarin Haze and Auto White Widow)
  • AUTO CHILL-OUT (strains: Auto Blueberry Domina, Autopilot XXL and Auto White Widow)
  • AUTO RELAX (strains: Auto CBD Star, Auto Northern Lights and Auto Cheese NL)

    Click on each Combo to see how much money you are saving!

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