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Ministry of Cannabis specializes in high-quality cannabis seeds and marijuana seeds (a.k.a weed seeds), ensuring premium experiences for enthusiasts and growers worldwide.

Ministry of Cannabis excels as a renowned breeder of exceptional cannabis seeds. With over 15 years of global presence, we’ve established ourselves as a leading name in the European marijuana seeds market. Based in the heart of Barcelona, Spain, our feminized pot seeds are produced in both The Netherlands and Spain. Serving a diverse clientele, from individual growers to professional enterprises, we take pride in our wide reach. Our online shop ( offers a seamless experience, ensuring superior quality cannabis seeds, speedy 24 to 48-hour shipping, discreet packaging, and our trademark Guaranteed Germination, along with package tracking and dedicated assistance.

Our weed seeds stand out in the market, backed by more than 15 years of expertise in genetic development and testing across three countries. Our Facebook page showcases thousands of satisfied customer reviews worldwide. We’re committed to expanding our seed range, listening to our clients, and customizing our services for every step, from shipping to cultivation.

Since 2007, we have been global innovators, introducing our unique line of autoflowering cannabis seeds. Our project revolves around three core goals: ensuring the availability of classic strains like White Widow in their feminized form; enhancing classics such as Big Bud, resulting in the high-yielding Big Bud XXL; and creating original, potent strains like Mandarin Haze, Zensation Gold, and God’s Glue.

Our mission extends beyond selling marijuana seeds – we aim to foster worldwide acceptance of cannabis, believing in a greener world achieved collectively.