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Does Cannabis Edibles Improve Female Orgasms?

Marijuana companies are catering to a new group of consumers – women. These cannabis companies have come up with edibles and lube that promise to improve the female orgasm.

Do they work?

Women claim that being high during sexual intercourse makes the contact result in more intense orgasm. However, being high doesn’t mean you have to smoke marijuana. Nowadays, cannabis companies have come up with products that you can eat or what they call as “edibles”. There are other cannabis products you can apply such as lubes to make the love-making experience a lot more erotic.

In a report by Men’s Health, a woman in the Netherlands smoked marijuana, which was followed by hours of sexual intercourse. After the contact, she claimed that she kept experiencing unplanned orgasms for five more weeks. The woman said her orgasms sometimes lasted for hours and it happened mostly when she was lying down with no contact whatsoever.

She feared that she had Restless Genital Syndrome, but doctors told her that the prolonged period of sexual intercourse resulted to the overactivation of a nerve that later caused the intense orgasms. The doctors also suspect that the marijuana intake had something to do with the orgasms she had for the five-week duration.

A sex and relationships specialist from New York City, Ian Kerner, Ph. D. said that edible marijuana or smoking pot could “definitely have a positive effect on sexual inhibition.” Eating marijuana or smoking it helps people achieve orgasms that they never experienced in the past. Also, Ob-gyn Alyssa Dweck, M.D. said that she is not familiar with marijuana studied as a libido booster but marijuana’s effect of relaxation is quite possible through the absorption of the chemical through the vaginal mucosa.

A marijuana company called 1906 offers a marijuana edible called High Love. This product is a mix of different natural botanicals that contain 5 mg of CBD and THC. The company claims that it has a rapid onset even with a mild intake. With this assurance, it means that people who would consume this edible do not have to wait too long to get high. It is unclear, however, for how long it will take for edibles to start kicking in and how long it will last.

On the other hand, marijuana-infused lube takes more time to kick in. Compared to edibles, lube does not make a woman feel high overall, but it heightens the senses down there. The lube must be applied a least half an hour before engaging in sexual intercourse to benefit from it. Lube can also be taken orally and will still produce the same effects.

One user said that she did not get high when she used a marijuana-infused lube but her vagina felt more relaxed and got wetter. She did not experience 15-minute long orgasms as some cannabis companies claim, but the orgasm was “stronger, longer” and almost slower.

There are not enough studies regarding this matter yet. It remains unknown what part of cannabis induces sexual pleasure, especially in women. Reviews talking about these edibles and lubes do tend to prove that these products are effective for heightening arousal and improving the overall sexual intercourse experience. However, some doctors are still wary over this. They advise women to use these products only if they are familiar with the effects of marijuana and how to handle them.



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