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Cannabis and Yoga: A Perfect Combination?

You may have heard that yoga and cannabis do not mix. However, some yogis disagree and if you are someone who enjoys weed, this may be exciting news for you. With the right techniques, you can actually use cannabis to enhance your yoga practice and experience.

Stay Calm

It is all about balance when you try cannabis for your yoga session. If this is the first time you will try them together, you may want to experiment at home first. Being in a crowded room may not be beneficial for you, especially if you are already high. Strike a balance between feeling calm and relaxed, while you remain solid on your goal to have a yoga practice.

Breathing Impact

Proper breathing is one of the most important aspects of yoga. If your breathing gets affected as you inhale cannabis, such as through vaping or smoking, it could be counterproductive for what you are trying to achieve in your yoga practice.
If you have discovered that taking weed before yoga makes you short of breath, there are a few solutions to this problem. One is to consider giving yourself more time before you practice, such as smoking an hour before yoga. Another way is to change your method of delivery altogether. Make sure you drink plenty of water as this can help keep your throat and mouth from getting too dry.

Stay Focused

You cannot go to your yoga class unfocused, which may be a result of getting too high. You want to make sure your mind does not wander too much when you smoke weed before your yoga class. Start with small doses of weed and make sure you take note of how it affects you and your ability to focus.

Strain Type

Should you go for indica or sativa? If you are going to the flower route, a good place to start would be indicas. They are known for giving body high and reduced anxiety. Often though, it does not really have anything to do with the type of strain you choose. Instead look for a variety with higher CBD content than THC. Examples are AC/DC and Harlequin, which are both mellow and have calming effects.

Meanwhile, if you choose to go for edibles, it helps if you time it properly and you get the dose right. It could take some study and perhaps many experiences before you can master the art of timing when it comes to edibles.

While you can indulge in an edible before your yoga class, the dreamy and inspiring experience may not be worthwhile. Yoga does help enhance the effects of the marijuana edible, so you will find yourself going back for more. Unfortunately, you could forget about your yoga class. It does help to under-eat, especially if it is the first time you will experience the pairing.

Combining weed and yoga remains a controversial practice. However, if you think that you can calm yourself, relax your mind, and stay confident as you use cannabis before a yoga session, you have all the right ingredients to forge ahead with this combo.



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