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The Sacred Weed: Cannabis in the Bible

It should not come as a surprise that the Bible mentions weed. In fact, there are archeological records that support the medical use of cannabis even before the era of Jesus Christ.

The term Christ means “Messiah” or the anointed one. To anoint a person, a type of holy anointing oil was used. In the Hebrew version of the Bible, the recipe included more than six pounds of a substance known as kaneh-bosm. Respected etymologists researched about this particular substance described in Exodus. Even botanists, anthropologists, and linguists agree that it is cannabis.

The oil is formed with cannabis, along with six quarts of olive oil and other fragrant herbs. According to the Bible, the anointed ones had to be drenched in the solution as a part of the rite.

Although cannabis was not mentioned in the Bible, the Holy Book purportedly supports the use of all the kinds of seeds and herbs on the planet. This is because they have been created and blessed by God, which could mean they should not be wrong to use. Additionally, as mentioned in Genesis, hemp is a good plant for Christians to use for medicine, food, and even enjoyment.

Other things that may have indicated weed as part of the Bible include:

– The use of the oil mentioned above to get rid of epilepsy and other diseases: It should be understood that diseases in the ancient world, including epilepsy, were considered some form of demonic possession. To cure the illness and even through exorcism, some herbs were used, along with the holy oil. It is also used for skin diseases, menstrual problems, and eye diseases.

– Healing of cripples: Ancient Christian documents attribute healing of cripples to the holy oil. According to the Acts of Thomas, the oil can help “straighten crooked limbs.”

– An unguent box and a pouch of medicine: In the Acts of Peter and the Twelve Apostles, which may have been recorded in the second century AD, Jesus gave his disciples a box and a pouch with instructions to go around the city and start healing the sick.

– Moses and cannabis: According to some experts, one of the first and most important references to cannabis is in Moses’ story. God tells the prophet about how to set up a tabernacle, which also included instructions for worship and oil recipe. In the text, cannabis was referred to as “calamus,” which was a part of the recipe in which it would take 250 shekels (equivalent to 2.875 kg or 6.34 lbs.) of it to create the oil.

– King Solomon: This particular king ruled during the 10th century BCE and was known for his great wisdom. He later worshipped Asheran, a goddess and he burned incense to her. He wrote a love poem where in chapter four, he described the beauty of his lover with comparisons to cannabis and other flowers to flatter the woman.
From kaneh-bosm to the healing of the sick, it does seem like the Bible agrees cannabis has a special place in this world.



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