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Viva la mota! Marijuana in Mexico

Believe it or not, weed has always been a part of Mexico’s culture. It was so prevalent that many citizens agreed that the government created propaganda just to stop people from using it. However, it seems like there are some changes and Mexico has finally legalized marijuana use.

If you know about the song La Cucaracha, it has a hidden meaning in which the lazy cockroaches actually stand for pot smokers. Based on the lyrics, the song was saying that the cockroach could not do anything or is not being productive because he has no more weed. In essence, the song suggests that the stoners are tired, unmotivated, and sluggish, which means them a bad example of a soldier.

However, the song is not the only thing that connects Mexico and cannabis. In fact, one of the most significant stories about marijuana’s existence began in the country.
Marijuana’s History in Mexico

The origins of weed in the United States stem from Mexico back in the early 1900s. At that time, Francisco “Pancho” Villa, along with his men, was being chased after by the American soldiers. After months of doing so, the soldiers went back home but they brought with them a remembrance. Packets of Grifo were taken to the United States. Grifo was known as the Mexican cannabis that is mildly psychoactive.

During this time, Mexican laborers also brought weed with them as they moved to the north. It is easy to trace the history of weed in America but many questioned how weed entered Mexico. Historians found it a mystery for a long time until they were able to piece evidence together.

It was discovered that weed in Mexico started in the 1530s when one group of Spaniards planted hemp in the highlands of Mexico City. While the records were sparse, there were some mentions about hemp production around the 1760s. Later, it was discovered that the hemp was European hemp or what is known as Cannabis sativa.

From Illegal to Legal

Since 1920, marijuana was illegal in Mexico, which meant no one was allowed to use, sell, or produce it. Seven years later, exporting of cannabis was banned. However, in 2009, personal possession was no longer a crime as long as it did not exceed five grams.

Things began to change starting November of 2015 when the Supreme Court ruled that some people would be allowed to grow and use weed. According to the court, prohibiting people from using marijuana that they have grown would be unconstitutional. It would be a violation of a particular human right in which everyone is free to develop his or her personality.

One year later in December 2016, the Senate of Mexico voted that medical marijuana should be legalized in the country. The lower house of Mexico should first pass the bill, so that it would become law. Just a few months after that, the chamber of deputies in the country approved the notion of Mexico’s Senate. Therefore, it means that medical marijuana is officially legal in the country.



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