Join The Mix!! Know Our 5 Packages of Mixed Seeds

In this life, we have many choices to make, including buying marijuana seeds. The problem is there are several options available that it is hard to decide which strain to grow. Luckily, we want to help you in making the selection easier than ever with our mixed seeds.

Choosing to buy mixed seeds will give you plenty of savings. Purchase a total of six seeds – two seeds of three different strains. Plus, you get to choose between autoflowering, indica, and sativa mixes. Here are the five packages that will make growing and cultivating all the more exciting:

Package 1: Autoflowering Mix 1 (Best for Fun)

If you choose this package, you will get the following mix of seeds:

Two seeds of Auto Mandarin Haze
Two seeds of Auto Silver Bullet
Two seeds of Auto Blue Amnesia

All these seeds are feminized for super easy growing. The combo pack is the best choice if you are looking for strains that help you focus and become more creative, while still having fun.

Package 2: Autoflowering Mix 2 (Best for a Happy Chill-Out)

Here is another great deal that features a combination of the following seeds:

Two seeds of Auto Blueberry Domina
Two seeds of Auto White Widow
Two seeds of Autopilot XXL

Just like the first package, all the seeds in this mix are feminized. The strains are perfect for those looking for happy moments while keeping it chill.

Package 3: Autoflowering Mix 3 (Best for Relaxation)

This third package features the following feminized seeds:

Two seeds of Auto Northern Lights
Two seeds of Auto Cheese NL
Two seeds of Auto CBD Star

For this mix of strains, it is a wonderful choice for those who may have been dealing with insomnia or chronic stress. Health problems such as the ones mentioned just need you to relax from the everyday issues of life. Only the best cannabis plants can give a high in a calming and peaceful environment.

Package 4: Indica Mix

Another impressive deal containing relaxing strains is this indica mix where two seeds of the following plants are included in the package:

Big Bud XXL
Northern Lights MoC

As usual, all the seeds above are feminized. These three are among the best indica strains right now and is suitable for growers who want to enjoy high-quality cannabis plants. This package is ideal for beginners in growing marijuana as the three seeds above are quite robust and are not prone to sickness or pests. Additionally, they offer good yield and have been proven to give deep relaxation and even health benefits.

Package 5: Sativa Mix

If you need more energy, you do not have to look further than sativa strains. In this package, you will find two seeds of each:

Mandarin Haze
Ultra White Amnesia

The combination of the three plants is undeniably excellent and well-chosen for those needing an invigorating sensation all throughout the day. All seeds are guaranteed to be feminized, and of high quality, so you can enjoy creative and social activities without feeling bored and tired.

These five packages are surely what you are looking for if you have been craving for value out of your weed purchase.



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