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Carnival: The Amazing Sativa with Up to 23% THC

You do not have to wait for summer to experience carnivals. The marijuana strain Carnival will give you an incredibly peaceful ride, especially with its high 23% THC. It is believed that this strain originated in Northern California but is connected to Central America as well. Nevertheless, Carnival is actually a bastard strain yet it is still one of the favorite strains to enjoy particularly during summertime.

Origins and Genetics

Carnival is a combination of sativa and indica plants after the Ministry of Cannabis in the Netherlands decided to breed Haze and an unknown Sativa strain as Carnival’s father. This is why this strain is considered a bastard. While the Carnival strain is a hybrid, Sativa mainly dominates it and is believed to comprise 80% of the strain’s qualities.

Carnival’s genetics are considered to be a combination of a mysterious Sativa, which may have been a cross between Haze, Santa Maria, and an unidentified strain thought to have originated from the south of the border. If you are among the Haze connoisseurs out there, you will immediately recognize its presence in this particular hybrid’s flavor.

Carnival Seed and Plant Growth

One of the interesting things about the Carnival strain is that it fights its Sativa genetics because it does not look like the traditional Sativa plants. Instead of taking on the common Christmas tree shape, Carnival is a little stalky with a bushy look. The branches of the plant are like the arms of the raptors, which are short and narrow.

If you are planning to grow the strain at home, it is recommended that you choose the Sea of Green technique, so that you can cultivate the Carnival with a desirable outcome. You can also choose to grow the strain as a plant with multiple branches, although it is not recommended. The Ministry of Cannabis, however, suggests that those who want to cultivate the strain with the best possible yield should top the plants.

This plant will flourish in both soil and hydroponic methods of growing. It has also been tested to possess fortified resistance against parasites and molds. You can choose to grow the plant indoors, which you should allow it to have at least nine weeks to reach its full maturation. The genetics of the Carnival strain dictates that it will thrive better in slightly warmer climates. If you choose to plant it outdoors, it is better if it is warm outside.

A Euphoric Ride

This strain is aptly named because it provides a joyful trip through your mind’s dark festival. It gives a deep feeling of relaxation, and because of the high THC, it affects the mind and body quickly. The Carnival’s flowers are tight and are encrusted with a glistening luster of the plant’s high THC. It easily cloaks the interior of the nugs. The leaves of the strain provide a tranquil effect on the user and even give a happy mood. So, if you are feeling down, this strain can actually get you ready to celebrate life.



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