Auto Blueberry Domina, the Queen of Indicas

Auto Blueberry Domina is a favorite of indica fans for many reasons, including its generous yield in just a short amount of time. This cannabis strain was developed by crossing Black Domina and Blueberry plants, along with some Ruderalis to blend with the other two. The result is a variety that can give you flowers in just 45 to 50 days. By the time it reaches the end of its life cycle, you can harvest as much as 110 grams of thick clusters of cannabis flowers.

Auto Blueberry Domina is dominant on the side of indica because it only has 10% sativa and 20% ruderalis. The look of the plant comes with outstretched fingers, which represent its leaves. It has a compact structure with leaves that are beautifully dark green. The main effect of this strain can numb the body, which is why it is an excellent choice for those looking for a plant that will dominate their senses.

Harvesting the Cannabis Strain

The seeds can be planted outdoors or indoors – it is up to you. In fact, if you have a greenhouse, Auto Blueberry Domina is also suitable for this type of cultivation. As mentioned, it can deliver generous yields in just a short amount of time where you only have to wait 45 to 50 days.

You will notice that the plant produces unbelievably thick columnar buds that form a layer of gluey resin. If you choose to plant this strain indoors, you can harvest up to 110 grams. Meanwhile, if you are a fan of outdoor planting, it is possible to reach up to 220 grams for every plant in suitable conditions.

Why Choose Auto Blueberry Domina

This plant offers plenty of reasons to love it. It is considered the Queen of Indicas and rightfully so, especially when it comes to quality and potency. If you like the taste of berries, Auto Blueberry Domina can give you just that. It has a pleasant flavour, along with a mixed aftertaste that can either be spicy or herbal.

The cannabis strain has a total of 17% pure THC, while its smoke can trigger an enjoyable cerebral kick. Your mind may be alert, but you will feel relaxed. Often, those who smoke the Auto Blueberry Domina choose to savour it in high doses because of the relaxing effect. It is calming and soothing that you will surely look for a couch or bed to lay down and do nothing as you rest your body.

Since it is autoflowering, this plant is a great choice even for beginners in growing cannabis. It is also hardy and can withstand most harsh weather conditions, which is why it can be cultivated outdoors.

Auto Blueberry Domina from the Ministry of Cannabis is an excellent choice for those who love the Blueberry strain. It multiplies the total density of the mentioned favorite cannabis plant to provide more weight. At the same time, the strain has its unique flavour. The numbing effect makes it an ideal relaxant to combat stress and insomnia.



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