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Cannabis brewed beer: A litle bit about it, and a easy recipe for beer lovers

For decades, many people have wanted to make their own cannabis brewed beer. The process is not complicated, but it takes time.

In our article we are going to talk about the connection between hops and cannabis, and how to make your own cannabis beer with an easy recipe.

Hop and cannabis are similar plants

Although hops shares the same botanical family of marijuana, hops do not contain the same psychoactive compound of cannabis. But there is an interesting fact. Hop is not the ingredient of beer that causes intoxication: is the resulting spirit created by the fermentation process.

Hop contribute with its acidity and oils affecting taste and flavor of the beer. Beers that are including a large selectionh of hops, are characterized by its bitter taste. Hops also acts to prevent growth of certain types of bacteria, which makes it an important ingredient for the stability of the beverage.

But the more important point is that, hops has certain inherent psychoactive effects: It contributes to relax and is the main responsible for the sedative effects of beer. In fact, hops has been used to treat sleep disorders, anxiety symptoms, menstrual cramps and a variety of related nervous system disorders.

How to make cannabis beer in a easy way

Many beer lovers and have wanted to make their homemade cannabis beers. However, finding a good recipe can be frustrating as cannabis forums are a little vague in its instructions.

Fortunately, with the new reform and the legalization of recreational use in the United States of Washington and Colorado, brewed cannabis beers are experiencing a increasing popularity and interest by many people who are curious. . Now you may find useful recipes online, and some of Colorado breweries are producing cannabis beers commercially for the adult main public.

Hops acts to prevent growth of certain types of bacteria, which makes it an important ingredient for the stability of the beverage.

So, do you want to try adding marijuana to your home brewed beer, right?
Ok. The following recipe will give you an idea of ​​how to do it properly. Before to mnake experiments, keep in mind thatg you must be familiar with the process of brewing.

This is not a process for newbies.

1 – Before use in any beverage, cannabis must be properly dried. Let it dryes in a clean place.
2 – Then, soak the plant material in cold water for a few hours. This helps remove excess chlorophyll that is associated with the strong flavor that sometimes has the wrong dried / cured marijuana. Also worth noting that while using a good outbreak in a drink can be beneficial, for many it is a waste.
3 – You can use the clippings, leaves and stems, as they also contain cannabinoids – no need to use better quality grass for this.

Basically, to add marijuana to a home beer, it must be put while hops, and leave as long as the latter. Cannabinoids are soluble in alcohol (fat) and dissolve in the mixture while it ferments. This is best done with a nylon filter, which acts as a “tea bag” in the same way as is usually done with hops. These filters are available in most stores brewery.

In terms of number of marijuana, some use about 30 grams per 5 liters of beer. The power of the beer depends largely on the power of marijuana. It is best to use this as a starting point and to adapt the amount used in future preparations to find the right point – this should not be a problem for more experienced brewers, since the process of brewing often changes and evolves beer beer.

This is our simple recipe to brew homemade beer with cannabis. Feel free to visit other articles from our blog to learn more info, stories, and curiosities about this plant.



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