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Three card games related to cannabis, that stoners would love

The games are one of the oldest activities of mankind. It is not difficult to imagine a prehistoric tribe, around the fire, passing the time playing with small pebbles. Although card games are not so old, they also have a lot of history. The first card dating from the Ming Dynasty in China, and dates back to the twelfth century AD.

Why I’m talking about this today?

Well, everyone likes to share happy times with friends, and it’s much more fun if there is a card game involved. Today we’ll show the three best games of cards related to cannabis.

So stay tuned, because you will probably learn a lot useful things about games of cards that are the best for the fans of cannabis.

This was the first card game related to marijuana. It was developed in 1979 by the companies Ventura and Euro Games. It was developed based on another card game about car races called “Miller Bonner”. Each of the cards has a specific function.

The game basically consists in using nine types of cards for managing the sale of hemp, buying and selling of various varieties, and earn more money than your opponents. There are very funny letters as “Nirvana”, which gives bonuses to players. These types of cards have two variants: Stonehigh and Euphoria.

Reading these names, you can get an idea of what the game is all about, right?

The illustrations of the game cards have a curious hippie and underground air. You can find reissues of this game Internet discounts. The original, 1979, have become a collector’s item, and if you find a deck of cards in good condition, you can probably sell it for a good price.

Oh, and by the way: The deck of cards sold in a bag genuine hemp.

This is a fairly recent game cards, and is growing in popularity lately. The company that designed and launched it Kheper Games, and have their headquarters in Seattle. The mechanism of the game is quite simple, and looks like variants of poker.
Basically there are cards of different types, and you have to prevent that your opponents to grow better crops than yours.
On your way to be an expert grower you will encounter cards of that refer to the cultivation of cannabis, as the threat of Dandelion, the spray that kills plants, and the worst enemy of all called Potzilla: A card featuring a giant monster that, if appears while you are playing, can destroy all your work as a cropper!

I think this is our favourite: Is easy, is funny, and is entirely appropriate to play with friends … even if they do not consume cannabis. This game has been developed by the company The Game Crafter, and published on May 21, 2015.

The deck of cards stands out for its elegant design, with lot of details and references to the world of grass. Its simplicity of use is also a remarkable point.

You have to market your cards, for seven grams of the most potent cannabis on each turn of the game. To do this, you have seeds letters, letters of varieties of plants, and other tools.

When you get to collect the seven grams have to say “Holdin ‘!”. But that’s not the game … the game has just begun!

You have to use your cards skillfully seed, and have a mindset focused on strategy.

The first player to reach 420 points is the winner … That makes this game the coolest of all, isn’t it?



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