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Staying high and also connected: 7 social media sites about cannabis

Have you ever stop for a while and thought about how social media sites have changed our lives in the past 10 years?

Myspace is not the place to be anymore since Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been passed the baton in the race for connecting users from all around the world.

The funny thing is that, once the Social Media sites have become more popular and grow so fast, the thematic oriented social sites started to appear out there like mushrooms after October rain. Nowadays we can find social sites about fitness, collectibles, adult related content, traveling… and, of course, sites that connect cannabis smokers.

Would you like to know which ones are the favourites? Would you like to be connected with other people to share your interest and passion about weed?

Check this out! Is our ranking list of the coolest social media sites related to marijuana.

This is, with Mass Roots, the most fairly well-know social media for pot fans. Created in 2013, allow their users to be in contact using an interface that is pretty similar to the first versions of Facebook. Without doubt, a place to be, since there is a huge base of users on this site.

Mass Roots
If WeedLife is like a Facebook for marijuana smokers, Mass Roots is definitely the “Instagram Style” site for share your pics and info with your buds. Cool site, lovely design, very well programmed, and with a continuously base of people that is increasing everyday.

No doubt that this site is the “new kid” of social networks related to cannabis. This app is similar to the world famous “WhatsApp”, but also with a touch of Instagram. You can use this application on the smartphone, and evaluate photos of friends, as well as meet people with similar tastes that are close to your area.

In this case what we have here is something like “the Tinder for stoners.” And this is because it runs in a very similar way as Tinder works. You’re looking at pictures of people you like, and if you want, you can contact them in your area to flirt, or smoking some good dope, because sharing is the best of life.

This website is not actually a social network: is a huge forum. But, despite to this, the site has a very clear guidance on the sharing of knowledge among its users. Its list of forums is incredible, and you can connect and make friends interested in almost all the topics related to smoking, vaping, tips and tricks…almost everything.

It is a social network related to the medical use of cannabis, and connects patients and users around the world. Although the style very reminiscent of the popular website Facebook, and although it is not too popular outside the United States, is a very good source of resources to be informed and to meet new friends who are users of medical marijuana.

This is one of the oldest websites related to connect weed users. Seems that they wanted to be the “definitive Facebook for marijuana users”, but seems that they has gradually become the “MySpace of marijuana”. Do not misunderstand me: They have done a great job since 2013, also they were pioneers in creating a new network, and have had many loyal users who are still there… but I am one of those who believe that this site has enjoyed better times. The appearance seems outdated to many people, and user options are quite complicated if you are not familiar with it.



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