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Everything you always wanted to know about marijuana munchies

The fact that hunger attack us in a tremendous way after having used marijuana, is one of the most remarkable effects of cannabis.

No matter from what culture you come from, no matter your social status, no matter your culinary preferences. Cannabis whets the appetite, and today we reveal some of the reasons that the latest scientific research regard this. We are going to provide almost all answers to this “delicious mystery”.

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The Disclosed Myth

Although there is someone out there (uninformed) who thinks marijuana makes you lose your appetite, and look like a ghost without weight, actually this is not true at all.

In fact It’s the opposite. Cannabis awake, in its users, a “sudden passion” for sandwiches covered with layers of cheese, crackers, nachos (with and without guacamole) and almost anything edible thing that you find on your way.

The key and explanation for this curious phenomenon is on science. Twenty six experts in neuroscience directed by the investigator Giovanni Marsicano, have published an investigation called “The endocannabinoid system controls food intake via olfactory processes”.

What’s behind this complicated tittle released on the seventeenth issue of Nature NeuroScience?

Basically the investigation demonstrate the link between THC and the olfactory bulb.

The team worked with mice for a long time, exposing them to almond oil and banana fruits to check their sense of smell. But on several occasions after expose the mice in front of extracts containing cannabis, its small smell receptors begin to “awake”, making that, just a few minutes later, they began to eat more than usual.

But with regard to this, the most curious part is that there is a molecule, similar to THC, but with even more amazing effects: The Tetrahydrocannabivarin.

THCV modifies the metabolism helping the gradual fat loss. In fact, in many experiments, although the subjects had increased their appetite, mice lost weight, due to the effect of this molecule.

It seems impossible to think in those mice “using” cannabis, eating more than they often do, and losing weight. But it is a mistake. This THCV molecule is a natural “fat burner”, and also naturally encourages subjects to move more assiduously: It seems that this molecule could naturally help the subjects to avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

Cannabis use does not arouse the appetite for the substance itself, but by endocannabinoids that are linked to our olfactory centers.

Mice not exposed to substances containing cannabis, acted normally, and did not eat more than other mice.

Until just two years ago, before this investigation, the public generally thought that the desire to eat after having used cannabis, were caused by THC, but it is not 100% true. It is the synthesis of the substance (that our body does on cannabinoid receptors) the one that send “messages” to our olfactory cells, and whet the appetite… but is not cannabis itself.

So if after using cannabis you feel like a small rodent hungry and happy, you should think that your brain cells have much difference with mice.



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