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French beekeeper makes honey with marijuana

One of the most widespread myths about beekeeping in history, said that honey only could extracted from some plants, and cannabis was not one of the chosen ones.

Until today…

That myth is now just something from the past, since the moment that a French beekeeper, known among his fans as Nicolas Trainbee, has achieved to extract honey from cannabis plants for the first time. The secret is that Nicolas has “trained” the bees to work with different types of main sources.

He used to be a restless and curious child, who was described by his teachers as always hyperactive. He stopped going to school early because he was bored, and became an expert in biology.

While Nicolas works for living as locksmith and craftsman, his main passion is beekeeping.

He has always been interested in animals, not only in bees, and he strongly believes since that natural options are best to extract the best quality honey from hives.

The goal of Nicolas was also to understand the behaviour of all individuals in the hive.

I have trained bees to collect sugar from fruits, and from other places, not only that to collect pollen from flowers…I use a training technique with which the bees can collect the resin of marijuana and use it in the hive” -Nicolas said.

When he started to get honey from their hives, many people asked him if he could get honey from the buds of cannabis plants.

After multiple attempts during almost ten years, a constant research and trying various methods, in 2014 Nicolas finally achieved his goal: Honey made with marijuana, or as Nicolas likes to describe it as “CannaHoney”.

But the result was quite different from what he expected. And much better.

“I used a training technique with which the bees can collect the resin of marijuana, and use it in the hive, but with this success I was very surprised when I saw that bees used cannabis resin as if were pollen” – Nicolas said.

Now he has a naturally honey made by bees that used pollen from a variety of Sativa called “California Gold”, which is cultivated by Nicolas himself.

This beekeeper has become world famous and has thousands of followers on Instagram and Facebook.

As he has said in an interview, his next project is to move to northern Spain and continue his research with bees and cannabis.



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