Barcelona and the “Smoking Clubs”

Is Barcelona the new Eldorado for cannabis tourists?

Since 2011 Spain has seen the opening of new kind of clubs called, Smoking clubs with a legal status of association.

This new legislation has for purpose to decrease the cannabis issues by regulating them.

From 2011 to 2014 the numbers of smoking clubs has considerably augmented in particular in Barcelona where the number of association is of 400.

The explosive growth engendered abuses, some of the clubs seen in this new legislation an extraordinary opportunity of business by selling the herbs “legally” to the tourists. The method is simple a street marketer accosts you with a flyer and gives you the direction of the club, the club provides you a member ship card, and voila you can buy your marijuana and hashish.

In theory to be member of a “smoking club” you have to be sponsorships by a member of the association the first time and you must be a Spanish resident.

The abuse of some clubs made that the government and some of the smoking clubs concerned for their longevity decided to regulated the adherence only with presentation of the NIE (Estranger Identification Number) number given to strangers who live in Spain.

The 13 august of 2014 the government ordered the closure of 49 cannabis clubs that weren’t’ respecting the legal procedures. Since now the government is tracking the bad students.

So the question that interests you, is it still possible de become a member of a smoking club being a tourist?

In theory the response is no, however you may find an association more interested in profit than being “legal” where you’ll have a chance to get in.

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