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4 new bags of mixed seeds

We are happy to introduce 4 new bags of mixed seeds:
– Autoflowering Mix (2 seeds of Angelmatic, 2 seeds of Devilmatic, 2 seeds of Royalmatic, all Feminized)
– Indica Mix (2 seeds of Big Bud XXL, 2 seeds of Kandahar, 2 seeds of Zensation, all Feminized)
– Sativa Mix (2 seeds of Carnival, 2 seeds of Ipot, 2 seeds of Mandalay, all Feminized)
– White Mix (2 seeds of White Widow, 2 seeds of Northern Lights MoC, 2 seeds of Nepalese Dragon, all Feminized).
These seeds are immediately available to order, only in our shop. You will not find this offer in the shop that resell our seeds or by our distributor.
We hope that you will find something that you like. It is the best chance to add variety to your secret garden for a cheap price.



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