Last call for outdoor growers

Last call for outdoor growers

The end of june is arriving fast. These are the last couple of weeks when it’s possible to successfully germinate your cannabis seeds for an outdoor growing. If you haven’t done it yet,  you should  order the seeds now and germinate them as soon as they arrive. At the same time, you have to start to prepare the soil, if you plan to grow in open soil, so the micro organisms have the time to colonize the soil and prepare it for a successful cultivation.

In this way the plants will have about one full month of growth before the end of july/begin of august. By this time, in the northern hemisphere, the nights are long enough to provoke the flowering. You plants will be old enough by that time. You will have your harvest on time.

What happen if you plant later?  You will still have nice plants, however, the will be too little to start the flowering on time. This delay in the flowering process can lead your plant to complete the flowering in the late autumn, with all the risks (missing of sun, cold, humidity, mold etc), so better to hurry up!



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