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Autoflowering in Outdoor

Many people ask us when it is the right time to start to grow autoflowering in outdoor. If you live in a mediterranean climate (countries on the mediterranean, with exception of mountains areas) or anything comparable, you can start immediately, and you will have a good harvest ready for half june. This will give you the possibility to complete 3 whole cycles during the summer, offering you other 2 harvest, in mid-august and mid-october. If you live in cooler area, for example central Europe or comparable, you should start in mid- may, so you will have the possibility to harvest twice, in mid-july and mid-september. If you live in cold areas, for example north Europe or comparable, you should try to make only one cycle, starting at the end of june to harvest at the end of august. We remind you one more time that the quantity and quality of the outdoor harvest is enormously influenced by the quantity and quality and number of hours of light received. The more, the better. Happy growing everybody.



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