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Angelmatic, Devilmatic, Little Angel, Little Devil

Since today, along with the introduction of the new catalog 2010, you don’t find our Little Angel and Little Devil anymore, but you find  our new Angelmatic and Devilmatic. So what happened to Little Angel and Little Devil, and why the names of these 2 new strains are so similar to them?At  the time of the creation of Little Angel/Devil we selected also an “alternative father”. We didn’t use it to for the production, but that plant had a great consistence and stability, and we continued to work on it. Angelmatic and Devilmatic were born when the 2 genetics that we use as mothers for our autoflowerings met this alternative stallion.For these reasons we have something new, because: these new strains have an increased harvest, plant stability and resistance and a better quality of the high. These plants are a little taller than the original Little Angel and Little Devil. For these reason we have decided to change the name, to put more emphasis on the autoflowering character rather than on the size.But at the same time we have something old, because the mothers of Little Angel and Little Devil are the same mother that we use now for Angelmatic and Devilmatic. For this reason we have chosen names that are not so different from the old ones.We are proud to offer a product that is greatly improved for stability and overall quality of the harvest.



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