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New Catalog 2010

Since today, the new catalog 2010 is available with many great news. We are proud to introduce to you 3 brand new strains: Early XXX, an early finishing skunk great for indoor and outdoor; Ipot, our new exciting spicy sativa; and Zensation, our favorite, one of the best strains ever, that we define as “the ultimate pleasure”.At the same time we are proud to introduce you Angelmatic and Devilmatic, the evolution and the future of our autoflowering strains. We have now a total of 12 strains, all of them in the feminized version. These technology is now fully mature and has proven to be the favorite choice of the world’s growers for years. We have a little stock of regular seeds and we will sell them as long as our stock lasts.As you maybe have noticed, we have new pics for all the strains in catalog. You can also download our whole catalog in PDF format, so you can read it even when you are disconnected. The seeds are in stock and they can be ordered immediately.



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