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Back from Madrid: Expocannabis 2009

Back from Madrid: Expocannabis 2009

We are back from Madrid. It took a few days to take control again, but all the orders have been shipped out regularly.

The fair was simply fantastic, the location was an indoor multifunction center with moveable roof. Now normally in october november it is cold and rainy in Madrid too, but this year the sky was blu and the temperature was 26 degrees during all the 3 days of fairs.

The roof was opened, the smoke was flying high, the air was crystal clear.

Spain gave us a warm welcome, we wanna thank all the persons that come to our stand in those days, our spanish hostesses Lara and Lucia, and then we wanna greet Gennaro and Sabrina, Ernesto and Adele, Thomas and Gary, Matt, Moises, Esteban and Matt, Jorge that maybe did found the hotel, our neighbors Malabares Ros, Priscilla, Jonkar, Jim, Miguel, Laura Daniel and many many others. And thanks to the organization, Elena, Belen, Carlos for the great fair and the support in the moments of need! Next fair for us will be the Spannabis in Barcelona, end of february 2010.



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