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Problems and Solutions

We work every day to offer you the best experience possible, but it’s always possible that a problem may arise.

Please read this page which is part of our conditions carefully. When you place an order, you accept these solutions and limitation of responsibility as specified below.

Wrong or Incomplete address
Each customer is responsible for supplying us with the correct and complete shipping address. If the address is wrong or incomplete in any of its part (for example: house number, zip (postal) code etc), we will not be responsible for the delivery. In case of any dispute, we will check the correctness of the supplied address with the help of Google Maps.


Received Crushed Seeds
We pack the seeds with the best of care, always trying to find the right compromise between stealth and protection, but sometimes it can happen that one or more seeds arrive with you damaged. In this case, please do not throw the seeds away before taking one or more pictures, where you can clearly see the damaged seeds and their packing material. Please understand that without this proof we cannot reship the seeds. After receiving the picture(s) and the list of the damaged seeds (strain and quantity), we will resend you the seeds immediately.


Seeds Not Received
Europe – We guarantee delivery without limitation, except in cases where the address is incomplete or wrong. You can open a reclamation and we will reship the seeds after 21 days have passed from the first shipping.

Outside Europe – You can open a reclamation if the seeds are not delivered after 30 days from shipping. Please note that the regulations about seeds vary from country to country. Our service is limited to two shippings per each order. The orders are NOT refundable. Please do not order if you don’t agree with this limitation of responsibility.


Germination Problems
We test all of our strains regularly; if there is a problem with germination, please send us a message with a complete description of the procedure used to germinate the seeds. We need as much of the following information as possible:

– medium used (soil, rock wool, cotton, paper napkin etc)
– if the medium was pre-fertilised or contained fertiliser
– depth of the seeds (specify cm or inches)
– temperature
– quantity and quality of the water supplied (pure or with fertiliser)

Feel free to add as many details as you can. Please do not write in the message phrases such as “I have 30 years of experience” or so; we are not interested in your experience but rather in how our seeds have been treated in this specific circumstance.

We will carefully review your message, and send you a possible diagnosis of the problem and the solution. If the problem was caused by the seeds, we will send a replacement or a coupon discount, at our sole discretion. We do not refund the order.

If you bought our seed by a reselller, we will need a copy of the invoice or receipt, else we cannot assist you.