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Category: Cannabis Drinks and Food

High and skinny: can weed help you lose weight?

Looking for a funny and effective diet plan? We have good news for you! Smoking pot causes the munchies – so it must lead to weight gain, right? Not necessarily, according to a study published in The American Journal of Medicine. The research finds an intriguing connection between marijuana use and body weight, showing that […]

Happy slice: Pizzeria serves pizza sprinkled with marijuana to cops

Happy slice: Pizzeria serves pizza sprinkled with marijuana to cops

Have you imagined ordering a innocent pizza and then finding out that the pizza man has sprinkled marijuana instead of oregano? Two policemen of the city of Holon, Israel, also haven’t, but their order was kindly prepared a powerful marijuana strain. I guess you’re now thinking: How this could possibly happen? After arrested, the owner […]

Have You Heard Of Hemp Oil and CBD oil?

Have You Heard Of Hemp Oil and CBD oil?

Cannabis are making headlines almost everyday because of its medical uses, but, besides of smoking, do you know how to use it and what the benefits are? Today we introduce you the hemp seed oil, a dietary supplement that has many reported beneficial effects for your health. So far we’ve talking about the seed oil, but […]

Cannabis Koala Tea

A refreshing recepee found somewhere on internet: pass into the grinder a little amount of cannabis. If you want, at this stage, you can even put the cannabis into your vaporizer, but take care to use it at the lower temperature. Prepare the tulsi in the same way. Now you can mix the two herbs and boil them […]

Look who s talking

Three cannabis-flavoured drinks have been removed from sale after a serie of complaints. These 3 drinks, produced by Beveland SA products are the Perigan’s Cannabis-Flavoured Gin, Iganoff Cannabis-Flavoured Vodka and Rodnik’s Cannabis-Flavoured Absinthe. All of them shows a cannabis leaf on the label. The Portman Group, the watchdog of the alcohol industry, has ruled that the drinks breach […]

Cannabis Ice Tea, EU commission expressed concern

EU commission expressed concern about an Ice Tea that is producted and legally sold in EU, the C-Ice Swiss Cannabis Ice Tea. That tea is advertised by pointing that it contains 5% cannabis extract and 0.0015% THC – the psychoactive substance of the cannabis. The commission accuses the producer to violate a European Directive 2000/13/EC that forbids  […]

Marijuana Chai Tea

The Chai Tea, invented in India, is becming universally known for its relaxing aroma and effect. We have now tried to add some weed to get a real marijuana chai tea. You will need (for 2 persons): 2 cups of soy milk, some marijuana (even not  buds), cinnamon, some cocoa, and 2 bags of your favourite tea. […]