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Does Cannabis Lube Improve Sex?

You may have heard of cannabis lube hitting the market while offering promises to provide the best orgasms and sexual experiences of your life. Marijuana users commonly know that the use of marijuana combined with sex definitely enhances the experience. Now, there is a complete line of cannabis products to include lube which is often labeled as “cannabis-infused sexual enhancement” products.

Many of them promise to deliver a mind blowing sexual experience like never before.
Manufactured exclusively for women, more and more people are getting busy with weed lube as it becomes more available online and through dispensaries. To answer the question, “Does Cannabis Lube Improve Sex?”, we provide all the details here so you can find out for yourself.

What is Cannabis Lube?
Unlike the typical sexual lubricant, cannabis lube comes in a range of products that are usually in the form of handy spray bottles. It is usually made with coconut oil that contains a percentage of infused THC. It can be used for both external and internal application and actually works as a “pre-lubricant” since the effects of THC, once it is applied, takes from 15 minutes up to an hour to feel a sensation from the product.

Cannabis lubricant does not get the user “high” the way cannabis works when smoked or ingested. Instead, it is designed to provide women with more intense orgasms and make them more lubricated.

How Does It Work?

Most products recommend that women spray it 3 to 6 times on their genitals or apply the oil by rubbing. It can be applied both inside and outside the vagina. These products are applied directly to the vagina because there are cannabinoid receptors in the vagina that readily bind to THC when absorbed through the mucous membranes.

This allows THC to act as a vasodilator which increases blood flow and opens capillaries for enhanced sensitivity during sex.

What Happens Next?

As mentioned, it can take anywhere from 15 minutes up to an hour to get the full effect. Many marijuana aficionados and bloggers who have tried cannabis lube products often say that these products deliver tingling, warming, and relaxing sensations once the full effect kicks in. Sensations are non-psychoactive and localized to the area where the lube is applied unless swallowed. It is also important to note that cannabis lube should not be used together with condoms.

Benefits of Cannabis Lube

Many women have proclaimed that they have had the best sex of their lives using cannabis lube. Others have mentioned an increase in intense orgasms and a euphoric sexual experience. Others claim that these products provide sexual experiences that are out of this world and create sexual sensations that have never been felt before.

When it comes to cannabis-related products, it is important to get the proper dosage right in order to utilise the benefits of this powerful herb. Therefore, you will have to experiment with cannabis lube to determine whether one spray or several sprays will provide the most benefits. Companies also usually provide a generally-accepted dosage.

Additionally, these products do not come with any harmful chemicals like other lubricants. Most types of cannabis lubricants are toxin-free and include just two ingredients: THC and coconut oil.

There are also additional therapeutic benefits to include:
– Use as a vaginal suppository to ease menstrual pain and cramps
– A powerful healing agent
– Treats anxiety
– Reduces pain and discomfort
– Many others
– Give It a Try

The best way to find out if cannabis lube really does improve sex is to give it a try for yourself. Many women are saying they have experienced the strongest orgasms they have ever had so it might be worth giving a try. With its scientific backing to prove that it works in addition to other unique benefits, cannabis lube is definitely a product worth giving a try.



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