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4 Easy Tips to Hide a Weed High Easier

As a cannabis consumer, there will always be some sort of situation where you will need to hide your weed high like:

– Having friends/parents/or colleagues over at your home
– Meeting your partner’s parents
– Speaking to elderly people like your grandmother
– Going to a government office or a bank

There are endless scenarios where you may feel high as a kite after a weed session and you may feel like everyone can tell that you are high. To help you feel at ease and minimize suspicion, here are 4 easy tips to help you hide your weed high easier:

1. Red Eyes Are a Giveaway

The most obvious way people can tell that you are high is if you have red eyes. Smoking marijuana can decrease pressure in the eyes and cause blood vessels to expand and cause redness; as well as cause a sleepy or squinted-eye appearance.
When going outside, always wear sunglasses but do not wear them indoors because they might make you look more suspicious. When indoors, make sure to have a bottle of red eye drops with you to remove redness. Also, stop squinting and open your eyes when you are in front of other people.

2. Remove the Smell

Another dead giveaway to let others know you are stoned is if you are reeking of weed. You can address this problem very easily by making sure to spray on some cologne, body spray, or deodorant.
If you have been smoking a joint or a blunt, the smell may linger on your hands. The best thing to do is wash your hands with soap and water or apply some hand sanitizer or lotion. The smell can also linger on your breath, so make sure to brush your teeth and pop in some mints or candy after a session.

3. Control Fidgeting, Uncontrollable Laughing, and Excessive Eating

Whether you are standing up, sitting down, or lining up, it is common for stoners to start fidgeting. It is natural to think that you look stoned in front of others and make an effort to try to look normal. Make sure that your legs and hands are still and stop worrying about your appearance. Just chill out and try to look as cool as possible.
When you are stoned, even the simplest things can seem a whole lot funnier. However, others around you might not be in on the joke. If you are stoned around other people or in public, try to control your laughter as much as possible.
If you just had a recent smoke session, another giveaway is overeating. Consuming cannabis creates powerful food cravings when you are high and makes food taste 100 times better. Avoid letting others know you are high by drinking plenty of water. Also, make sure to eat in private or have a snack before going out if you do get the munchies.

4. Stop Talking

If you are high, you might tend to talk about stuff that does not make sense or delve into topics that are deep or philosophical. Randomly chatting with people is not going to help you if you are stoned. To avoid suspicion, it is best to keep quiet or keep words at a minimum if you want to stay under the radar.



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