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Top 5 Edibles You Can Easily Make at Home

Maybe you have had a friend share some marijuana brownies with you or watched someone get pranked by them in a movie or TV show.

With the continuous legalization of marijuana around the world, edibles are also a popular product that you can find for sale in cannabis shops, dispensaries, and online marijuana stores in both medical and recreational form.

The great news is that you can easily make many of these same items at home without paying a huge price tag or waiting for them to be delivered to you. Best of all, they do not cost that much money to make. To help you enjoy your favourite strain of cannabis while enjoying a delicious treat (other than the ordinary brownies), here are the top 5 edibles you can make at home.

This recipe is really easy because all you need is some weed, a few sticks of butter, a baking sheet, cheesecloth, and a container to store your cannabutter in the freezer. Imagine enjoying breakfast or any other meal with a little cannabutter spread on your toast, pancakes, waffles, or baked potato. The possibilities are endless.

Making cannaoil involves pretty much the same process as making cannabutter except you can store cannaoil in the refrigerator. When making cannaoil, you can choose what type of oils you want to use in the recipe and the most common ones are coconut, olive, or canola oil. The ingredients are very simple for this recipe because all you need is 2 cups of oil and 1 ounce of potent marijuana. Just like cannabutter, the possibilities for food dishes with cannaoil are endless. However, you want to make sure to always keep the oil at very low temperature because high heat will decrease the THC potency.

Canna Mac And Cheese
Mac and cheese is a staple in many households and it gets even better when you add your favorite cannabis to the recipe. It is also a food that you sometimes need to whip up quickly for people on the go which is why it is sold in instant and microwavable versions. All you have to do to make this dish a success is to add 5 tablespoons of cannabutter to the recipe.

Weed Firecracker
This is one of the easiest recipes because all you have to do is toast your weed in the oven and then take a few graham crackers and smother them with a chocolate nut spread like Nutella. Sprinkle the toasted weed on top and then toast the entire thing again. You can impress your friends with this easy-to-make edible.

Weed Biscuits
You can make biscuits just like grandma used to except these will give you a fun high. You can buy ready-to-bake biscuits or make your own from scratch. Once again, the key ingredient in this recipe is cold cannabutter which you should add to the dough and then cook in the oven for few minutes until your biscuits are golden brown.

These top five edibles require very minimal effort and also little money which is why they are so popular to make. Not only are the easy to make, but you will increase your knowledge on the uses and benefits of cannabis-infused food. Get happy the next time you cook by making these edibles at home.



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