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4 reasons why Christopher Columbus should be revered by marijuana lovers

Christopher Columbus is world famous for having discovered a new continent: America. But its discovery is related to the world of marijuana, although many people do not know.

Today we offer you four reasons to understand why this historical figure should be revered by all those interested in the culture of cannabis.

Reason number 1 – Without him nothing would happened
Although there are new studies that seems to historically support that the American Natives from Tenesse used hemp since over 1000 year ago for dress, traditionally the introduction of hemp in America it is attributed to Christopher Columbus, and his crew of sailors.

Reason number 2 – He also used hemp oil as a modern remedy
Colon, on his trip trip, use this type of oil for lamps carrying aboard three ships. It is true that its use was primarily to illuminate dark nights, but also some sources suggest that hempseed oil was used to heal wounds of sailors at the middle of sea.

Theoretically oil seeds cannabis had never been used in a long sea journey as a remedy for burns and wounds caused by the sun. The Genoese sailor was, again, a true pioneer.

Reason number 3 – It was the first expert on stress management
Imagine. A tired crew of tough guys in the middle of the Atlantic.

They do not know where they were going, and their only entertainment were hunting gulls, or fighting with each other. It is normal that, after several months at sea, sailors became to be exhausted, and shout threats to their captain about starting a serious riot on board.

The Genoese admiral, without knowing it, he avoided that his head was cut off due to cargo carried in his three ships: the mariners used seeds of cannabis… as food. If it were not for marijuana seeds, Colon would have been killed by his crew.

Reason number 4 – He is the only historical guy from the XV century with a monument … with marijuana leaves.

Near from the sea cost, in the center of Barcelona, there is the famous Columbus monument. This tribute in the form of large column of bronze, iron, and stone, was designed by architect Gaietà Buïgas in 1888, on the occasion of the universal exhibition of the same year.

Why is this monument included here?
In its column you can see marijuana leaves.
The people of the nineteenth century knew that hemp was very important in the discovery of America … and now you know it too 🙂

For all the reasons we have mentioned before, Cristobal Colon should be admired by marijuana growers worldwide.



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