7 signs your neighbours can tell you are growing cannabis

meeting your new neighbours

There’s no question that most of us would prefer to live in a friendly, peaceful neighbourhood, where everybody gets along with each other and goes out of their way to one another.

Keeping good relations with the neighbours can make a big difference not only in that last minute dinner, when there’s some ingredient missing and you are always welcome to knock their door and ask for “some salt” , but also in your quality of life.

Neighbours can be a good source of support and when you grow cannabis is not different. After all, if they suspect there is a drug farm next door, they can simply phone the 911… and then you’re totally f**cked!

That’s why you must be very friendly, polite and, besides anything, very discreet.

To help you in this mission, we brought here the 7 manners how people who live around you can have a clue there is something strange going on.

Check it out:

#1. Windows sealed and covered in a property or the curtains permanently closed

You might just like living in the dark – but it could also be a sign that there are bright lights inside being used for the heat to grow cannabis plants.

#2. Bright lights day and night

It’s strange for anyone to need unusually bright lights on 24 hours a day. You might also have lights on a timer to come on at unusual times of the day and they can find this suspicious.

#3. Heat from an adjoining property – and birds gathering on a roof in cold weather

Cannabis farms produce a lot of heat, which creates some tell-tale signs, particularly in the cold of winter. Birds will be drawn to the warmth of the roof and if it snows (which it never does in Plymouth, but anyway), the roof of a house being used to grow cannabis will probably be the only one without a covering of snow.

#4. Frequent and varied visitors to a property, often at unusual times

You could just be popular or sociable, but if unfamiliar faces are turning up next door day and night, it might be a sign that there’s something more sinister going on.

#5. Gardening equipment being taken into a property, such as plant pots, fertiliser, fans and industrial lighting

Thousands of pounds of equipment is needed to grow cannabis. If neighbors see items like this being delivered to the house, or being taken in and out, your secret plantation might be at risk.

#6. Strange smells

It might sound obvious but if there’s a constant, strong smell of cannabis in the street, it could indicate that the plants are being grown there.

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#7. Are your house like Fort Knox?

Excessive fortification shows somebody doesn’t want people getting in. If you have padlocks on the gates, massive grilles over the door and a locking system Gringotts Bank to be proud of, then that should raise eyebrows – especially if the street is relatively safe.



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