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4 best ways to hide the smell of cannabis plants

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The distinctive smell of marijuana: a big issue for most gardeners.

Plants of cannabis don’t usually have much of an odor during the vegetative stage and the first weeks of flowering. However, during the last half of flowering the trichomes start growing on the flowers and the leaves surrounding them. As the buds ripen, the molecules become more concentrated and the odor becomes more intense.

Many people are “outed” because of the smell, but the fact is that it doesn’t really have to be a problem. Controlling the odor in your marijuana grow is not too tricky, although you might require some investment if you want to do it effectively.

Why stink more when you can stink less?

Here are our tips:

# 1. Low-odor strains

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Choosing a low-odor strain is your first step to getting on the road to a smell free plantation. Experiment with different types and see what works for you in terms of smell and effects.

Good choices include:

Auto Silver Bullet

Take note, though, that using a low-odor variety is unlikely to fully resolve odor problems. Also, if you’re already part way through your grow, you might not have the option of choosing a low-odor strain.

Fortunately, there are some products you can use to stop the smell of your ladies from penetrating your (and others) nose.

# 2. Odor absorbing gels


Odor absorbing gels are made from essential oils and other plant derived compounds. Some of the ingredients mask odors and other bond with the odors molecules rendering them odor-free. They come in several different forms: evaporative discs, gels, sprays and liquids.

If you are growing just a couple of plants at home, then you might be able to get the smell away with a low cost odor neutralizing product. The most popular and widely used of these is the ONA Gel, which comes in jars and is super simple to use. You just open the jar in the vicinity of your grow and it neutralizes the smell without creating any replacement smell itself.

# 3. Carbon filters

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The most reliable, most effective and most widely used method of reducing the smell of your grow is a carbon filter. Carbon filters are highly recommended for indoor gardens of all sizes. They contain activated carbon, which neutralizes the odors in air as it passes through.

The carbon filter is installed in the grow room’s exhaust system, where an inline fan forces the air through the filter before passing outside.

They can be used both in closed systems and those with ventilation. In ventilated rooms the filters are usually placed close to the air intake. In closed rooms they are used as stand-alone units that clean and re-circulate the air.

There are two types of carbon filter, granular and block. Block is generally more effective, with a larger carbon surface area and greater density for slower, more thorough filtration. Granular filters may be effective for small cultivation areas.

The price you pay will depend on the capacity and quality of your filter, but is an investment well worth making. They last literally forever, are highly effective and you can replace the activated carbon very cheaply from time to time to keep them performing at their best.

# 4. Ozone Generators

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Ozone is a highly effective, fast acting odor eliminator, but must be used only in spaces that are not occupied by people or animals. Actually, they should not be in contact with it at all. The solution: not entering a room where it has been used for about 90 minutes after it is turned off.

Ozone generators are small devices, are lightweight and are convenient to use. To avoid contact with ozone, they can be set on timers so they are switched off several hours before you are to be in the space.


Your plants need fresh, well-circulating air to thrive. Stagnant, poorly conditioned air is a sure recipe for disaster, so don’t be tempted to seal off your growing area to contain odors without providing an adequate fresh air and ventilation system.

If you’re able to vent to the outside of your building, that’s your best choice for odor control. Just be sure to locate your vents where they won’t intrude on unwelcoming nostrils.



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