CannaVacations: Top 10 Marijuana Destinations

canna vacations

Pot-heads may stress less than most, but even stoners deserve a break from it all. What would be a better vacation plan than go traveling and smoke exotic buds all over the world?

In many places, as long as users are discreet, countries and local authorities may be nonchalant about marijuana use. Some countries are even beginning to encourage the reputation as a marijuana-friendly tourist destination because of the business and revenue it generates.

Here 10 amazing places that every marijuana enthusiast must visit at some point:

# 1. Amsterdam, the Netherlands


As the world’s best-known stoner destination, at least one in three visitors to Amsterdam orders something green off the menu in a cannabis cafe.

Although cannabis is illegal in the Netherlands, for over 20 years Dutch citizens have been allowed to buy and use marijuana and hashish because of a differentiation in their laws between “soft drugs” like weed, and hard drugs like cocaine and heroin.

In 2012 a law was passed that would have banned tourists from using Amsterdam’s famed cannabis cafes, but legislators made the mistake of giving jurisdictions the choice of enforcing the law or not. Since cannabis is the biggest tourist attraction, tax income and source of livelihood for the cafe owners, virtually every shop owner denied enforcing the law, and pot pilgrims still have a mecca to travel to.

Given all that this place has to offer: The incredible landscape, architecture, wonderful museums, canals and waterways, Amsterdam is the perfect place to take a stony vacation.

# 2. Barcelona, Spain


“Cerveza! Beer! Agua! Hashish!”

Hit the beach in Barcelona and you’ll hear this mantra chanted by local pushers as they tread the sands.

Legal cannabis in Barcelona has opened a new feature which makes visiting this city even a better experience! You can choose from the best marijuana dispensaries, expect top service and have an unforgettable high.
The law in Spain allows personal use of marijuana to be consumed in a private place. A few years ago the first Cannabis Association was opened in Barcelona, where you could legally smoke cannabis in a private club.

They also put on cannabis celebration festivals such as Spannabis and High Life Expo. Besides the decriminalization and awesome laws, Barcelona is a gorgeous place with scenic beaches and architecture, and beautiful people.

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# 3. Prague, Czech Republic


Many are astonished that Prague would be such a cannabis-friendly country, but it is actually one of the most liberal countries in terms of drug laws in Europe. Just about everything is decriminalized; as long as you’re carrying no more than half an ounce of pot, a gram of cocaine, two grams of speed, or five LSD tabs, you’re good to go, traveler.

You can have up to five plants growing in your house and up to 15 grams in your possession. What makes Prague so high on our list is the beauty of the city and the relaxed atmosphere. You don’t have to be paranoid that you’re going to get in trouble for lighting up in this medieval looking oasis.

# 4. Kingston, Jamaica

Kingston Jamaica

Everybody would expect the land that gave us Bob Marley to be higher on the list, and maybe it should be. Jamaica is a beautiful place that thousands of pot tourists flock to each year for the laid-back reggae culture, the beaches, and the great weather.

Even though weed is technically illegal in Jamaica, people will offer to sell you their strains everywhere you go. There are even pot-sampling tours, although you should be ready to smoke in front of your tour guide to prove you’re not a cop.

How can you pass up a fantastic retreat in a country that holds ganja so near and dear to its heart? Get in touch with local Rasta culture, visit beautiful beaches, enjoy the local cuisine, and experience all that the beautiful island country of Jamaica has to offer.

But remember: Jamaica is a third-world country with rampant poverty, crime, and income equality. You can’t just zone out and go and do whatever you want like you can in some other countries. You always have to be careful.

# 5. Nimbin, Australia


Pot is decriminalized in Australia’s capital, Canberra, but high times Down Under also occur on the regular in Nimbin, a little town in the mountains of northern New South Wales.

Located in the hills of northern New South Wales, Nimbin has been described as a hippie sanctuary. Hippies moved there back in the ’60s, and most of them got too baked to ever leave.

It’s home to the annual MardiGrass festival, which includes a Hemp Olympics with competitive events such as “Speed Rolling”, “Bong Throwing”, and the “World Stoned Chess Championship”. The festival has drawn some scrutiny because of its blossoming reputation as a cannabis destination.

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# 6. Cusco, Peru

cusco cannabis

This is where people stop to get baked before visiting Machu Picchu. Cusco has a heaving nightlife, and a relaxed attitude towards bloodshot eyes. It’s legal to carry small amounts of pot in Peru, so the cops aren’t likely to hassle you.

Beware the dealers though; they’ve been known to make off with tourists’ money and never return with the goods.

# 7. Christiania, Denmark

christiania cannabis

Weed is illegal in Denmark, but Christiania, a hippie community right in the center of Copenhagen, has declared itself an independent nation. Locals call the place Freetown Christiana. The country’s autonomy and a loophole in the “no hard drugs” policy lets Christiana allow weed sales, except on very rare occasions when the cops raid.

Along the main street in Christiania’s “Green Light District” is a farmer’s market with a choice selection of buds, brownies, and slabs of hash. Just make sure you don’t take any photos – the farmers are extremely camera shy.

# 8. Cambodia


Not to be confused with neighboring Thailand, where a bag of grass could see you jailed for twenty to life, Cambodia doesn’t really give a crap if you’re stoned, drunk, or just being your ugly American self, so long as you’re spending money.

This southeast Asian nation, just north of the equator, offers many activities to entice every type of traveler. Tourists can explore ancient temples, trek to hidden mountain waterfalls, scuba dive, shop, or even relax on the beach.

Although cannabis is technically illegal in Cambodia, it is one of the country’s largest export crops, and locals use it regularly as medicine and cooking.

It is also reported to be commonly smoked in the open. Many tourists on Trip Advisor report Happy Herb Pizza places as having pies on the menu that use cannabis as a topping. The same chain pizza restaurant reportedly sells joints.

Thanks to Cambodia, tropical vacations in Asian can be added to the list of marijuana-friendly vacation destinations.

# 9. Portland, Oregon


Oregon’s claim to fame is being one of the first states in the US to legalize marijuana for recreational use, and that caused a big splash towards the state’s popularity.

Portland has a bohemian cannabis culture, and it’s a charming place. The city is at the forefront of the country’s marijuana movements and social activism.

It’s a green and eco-friendly city, despite being somewhat urban. It also has bragging rights for being home to American’s first cannabis café, and it has one of the largest chapters of NORML in the state. NORML is of course the oldest organization in the country focused on marijuana law reform.

# 10. Seattle, USA


Seattle was an early adopter of legal medical marijuana laws. State legislation eliminates criminal penalties for most users, as long as the individual has documentation from a physician.

Seattle is also one of the greenest cities in the country – and not just green with weed, but all plantlife. One big positive was the recent announcement from Seattle’s City Attorney, who stated that all marijuana possession cases would no longer be prosecuted.

Yay! The beautiful city also hosts the Seattle Hempfest, the largest pot rally in the world – the Coachella for stoners – that brings in 100,000 people over two days.



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