7 reasons why Barcelona is the new cannabis capital in Europe


Barcelona is one of the most fun and exciting cities in Europe. Culturally speaking, the capital of Catalonia offers endless inspiration: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year there is a cultural agenda brimming with inspiring events. You breathe the culture in every corner of the town.

Nice beaches, good weather, beautiful architecture and good eating are all part of the travel once you are in Gaudi’s land. But that’s not everything…

Legal cannabis in Barcelona has opened a new feature which makes visiting this city even a better experience! You can choose from the best marijuana dispensaries, expect top service and have an unforgettable high.

Could you ask for anything else?

So, check here the 7 reasons why Barcelona is the new cannabis capital in Europe:

# 1. Cannabis social clubs

member cannabis club barcelona

The law in Spain allows personal use of marijuana to be consumed in a private place. A few years ago the first Cannabis Association was opened in Barcelona, where you could legally smoke cannabis in a private club. Since that time over 300 Cannabis Associations have been opened making it the new smoking capital of the world.

Currently, there are approximately 123 cannabis social clubs (dozens were closed down in a wave of raids last year, often due to poor ventilation, illegal sales, or contraventions of the regulations banning advertising of the clubs).

To make this legal you have to become a member of the association as this is your private place to consume cannabis. The registration process collects personal information, copies of your passports are taken, and documents must be filled out and signed. Additionally, some social clubs require you to have a photograph taken and stored.

Membership generally costs €10-30 for one year (more often at the lower end of the scale, thankfully, as there are many clubs to join); there are also some clubs that offer membership deals for shorter durations, say €5 for three months.

# 2. Festivals

spannabis barcelona

As well as the social clubs, Barcelona also has a few dozen head shops, a handful of glass shops, and some notable annual cannabis events.

There is a festival in Spain called Spannabis similar to the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam which is the largest cannabis festival in the world. Why? because Spain now has more associations with better quality cannabis than Amsterdam has now..

The Spannabis occurs every year in late March. During this period, a number of other events also now occur, including the much-lauded Secret Cup and Dab-a-Doo concentrates cup.

# 3. Marijuana quality

quality cannabis barcelona

Comparing Barcelona cannabis social clubs to Amsterdam coffee shops isn’t easy. But, without question, the quality of marijuana is better in Barcelona than in Amsterdam.

Barcelona’s weed is fresher, more potent and more fragrant. Amsterdam’s cannabis is close but it’s more commercialized and has more of the associated problems of commercialism.

Generally, it’s hard to get very fresh weed in Amsterdam. It’s usually processed and over-dried by the time you get it, and you can be assured in most cases that a strain in AMS will smoke more harshly than the same strain in BCN.

# 4. Ambience

ambience cannabis club barcelona

Amsterdam’s coffee shops are radically commercialized. They’ve been at this for decades, and during most of that time the world made the city its marijuana-tourist destination.

On the other hand, Barcelona’s cannabis social clubs are private in function and feel; you may only gain entry by being sponsored by a current member. Once inside, the atmosphere of these clubs is much more like your own living room than a commercial place. The seating is generally more comfortable, the club overall is usually more spacious and the traffic far lighter than in Amsterdam.

This vibe is also due to the fact that compared to Amsterdam’s coffee shops, the social club scene in Barcelona isn’t very well known yet. They’re not crowded with tourists and therefore the clubs are more personal.

So Barcelona does have some unfair but legitimate advantages over the Dutch city also in this regard.

# 5. Staff

staff cannabis barcelona

Sorry, Amsterdam, but you guys are too busy to provide the level of service that the staff of Barcelona’s social clubs can offer.

In Barcelona, you’re a member of a private association, and the atmosphere is different. Clubs often host special events where staff members get involved right alongside members. Why? Because they’re members too. You can spend hours hanging out at a club, and the staff sort of chill along with you.

So if you’re looking for a more personal experience where the staff is accessible and you can talk with them largely in peace from a plush leather couch without worrying about a steady stream of bodies interrupting, Barcelona is the place to be.

# 6. Price

cannabis price barcelona

Barcelona can be among the more expensive Spanish cities, although is cheap compared to many other European cities.

The quality of weed and hash in Barcelona equals that of California. The difference is that the price is not even half of that you will have to pay in other pot havens like Amsterdam.

Find a good ”private club” and you can get a large gram for 6 EUR and the most expensive 11 EUR.

# 7. Perfect weather

cannabis barcelona beach

The last reason, but not less important: Barcelona has a perfect weather for a great smoking experience.

Why feel cold in Amsterdam if you can get more of the summer (and of the weed tourism) in Spanish territories?



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