Where are you allowed to smoke or possess Marijuana?

Before buying your Ministry of Cannabis seeds is very important to check what are the legislations in your country. With the last elections in the US that just allowed the recreational use of Marijuana in some states, people is more hopeful than ever.

We too couldn’t be more hopeful and happy with the new awesome headlines made each day. But what are the places in the world where is legal to smoke marijuana? Stay tuned. We made you a review from Europe, South, Central and North America.



You can not possess any amount of marijuana.


You can grow plants on your private properties for personal use and can consume (if you are over 18 years old) in private spaces.


Cannabis products can only be sold in coffee shops, but carrying up to five grams for personal use is legal.


You can grow up to four plants.

Czech Republic

Having up to 15 grams for personal use or planting up to five plants (also for personal use) is considered legal since last year.


The first country in the world to legalise the use of all drugs. They also treat drug users as sick people, instead of criminals. However, you can be arrested or forced to go to a rehab if caught several times in possession.


Medical use is legal under certain conditions.



Colorado and Washington state have legalised marijuana for recreational use. Other states permit medical marijuana.


It is illegal to grow, sell and use cannabis. However, the government passed a motion last year to decriminalise the drug if a person was found with a small amount.


A law has been passed legalising cannabis but will only start to run in 2015. It says that buyers must be 18 or older and must a Uruguay resident. Authorities will grow the cannabis that can be sold legal.


Having up to eight grams for personal use is considered.

Costa Rica

Total grey area here. People smoke marijuana all over the country and cops don’t arrest them for carrying an amount considered enough for personal use. Despite that, it is still considered illegal and no amount has been outlined as a minimum for possession.


Carrying 10 grams or less of marijuana for personal use is totally legal.


Small amounts of up to 22 grams are OK for personal consumption. However, selling it remains illegal. You are allowed to grow up to 20 plants for personal use.

Well, we all know the world is too big. So, if there’s a place we forgot to review, contact us and tell us what you know. We will be happy to update this article!



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