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It’s spring: the outdoor season has begun

Finally the winter is over, the days become longer, the temperature warmer, and it’s now the time to plan your outdoor strategy for this year. Here at the Ministry we have a whole catalog of seeds that can be used outdoor, but today we will concentrate our attention to 2 strain in particular, Early XXX and Devilmatic. These are our first choices for the outdoor in continental and northern Europe and north America. Early XXX can be planted from the begin of april till the begin of july. The earlier you start, the biggest the plants become and the largest the harvest that they produce. If you can afford to grow big plants, yo can start immediately with germination. For all the strains, we suggest to let the seedlets grow for about 2 weeks in indoor, before to transplant them outdoor. If you want a early harvest, you can use our Devilmatic. If you germinate the seeds in the begin of april, you transplant them out in mid-april, you can harvest already in the begin of june, just on time for the summer. A very green summer.



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