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Amsterdam and the coffeeshops scene

Many friends write to us and ask info about the actual situation in the coffeshops of Holland, and Amsterdam in particular. Many people are afraid that the coffeshops are gonna close soon, and the international press publish often alarmist articles in this sense, with little or no truth inside. There are only a few limitations that have been introduced in the last few years. The first have to do with the countries at the border of the Nethelrands, they press to get a “no coffeshop belt” around the borders, of about 30 km. That is to fight the marijuana tourists. This belt is about 30 km wide. The second limitation, valid in the whole country, but still not completed, forbid to open or to keep opened a coffeshop if there is a school in the neighborhood within 250 mt. Many coffeshops in the centers will be in the next few years relocated, farest from the schools but not closed. Further, since 1 july 2009, ┬ásmoking tobacco indoor in a public place is forbidden, so you can smoke a pure joint, but not a mix with tobacco. However, many coffeshops now encourage the use of vaporizers, with great advantages for your health and for the taste.

We hope that this post can make a little bit of light about the actual coffeshops scene.



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