Michael Phelps and the infinite hypocrisy of the prohibition

Everybody in this world knows and admires Michael Phelps, the big man that with a youth of training and sacrifices and eating something like 12.000 calories a day has become one of the greatest champions ever, if not the greatest one.  Now Michael is a normal guy, so normal that, after a so intense 2008, has done what we all do everyday: to inhale the beneficial steam of some weed. He used a Roor bong,  ok, while we prefer the Volcano vaporizer and many of you simply use a joint. It is positively accepted that the marijuana consumption couldn’t give any advantage to Michael. We can also discuss forever about where the borders of the privacy must be traced for famous people (especially young heroes, like in this case). The truth is, the prohibition shows once again its stupid face. So boycott all the former sponsors that have broken a contract with the guy (especially the cereal brand) and all our comprehension to the big man. Michael Phelps, one of us.



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