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The Oaksterdam University

The Oaksterdam University has celebrated this week its first 160 graduates in “Agricultural science of the cultivation of the marijuana”. The deus-ex-machina  of this operation is Richard Lee, formerly a pusher in the Oakland area, that took inspiration from similar project that exist in Amsterdam. Thanks to the proposition 215, in California is possible to grow cannabis if the purpose is to produce medical marijuana and Lee has open his school to give the right technical  and egal knowledge. Different counties regulates the matter in different ways, so each city has a maximum number of plant per person, per cooperative or per company. Lee university teachs not only to grow marijuana at the higher level, but also to deal with the law in the correct way. As a law’s teachers they have hired Chris Conrad and Laurence Lichter. Lee is preparing to open another school in L.A. The full course costs 200 USD, 125 euro. This is their internet address if you want to know more:



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