Brainwashers at work

Today we read another news of the kind that pisses us off enormously, and it shows how the brainwashers of the whole world are alive and kicking. The news is: one joint is dangerous for the health like one packet of cigarettes, yes, you’ve read right, so one joint is 20x dangerous than tobacco. Do this experiment: inhalate one hit of a cigarette, and exhale the smoke through a white tissue. Repeat the experiment with a new white tissue, but this time take a hit of a joint. Now, what is more dangerous? Anotherthing: is there anybody out there that can eplain to us why the jamaican people, famous cannabis smokers, die for cirrosis rather than lung cancer? Result: there are millions of people that are trying to brainwash us in every way. Keeping the brain connected can help against them, but you can also do something to give to the tabacco industry less money, so also less money to pay these “experts” to say these bullshits: STOP TO SMOKE TOBACCO!



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