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French gov into the pocket of the cannabis smugglers

French government have decided to study the cannabis “problem” better, and to start in the good way they have decided to do a little calculation about the profit that a cannabis smuggler/seller can make in one year. “Although the average street dealer hardly makes the minimum wage out of selling cannabis, the middlemen get away with an average of 550,000 euros. That’s an annual income similar to that of a managing director in a company of 2,000 workers”.  Then they have analysed the market in its complexity: “One in ten boys and one in sixteen girls aged 17 year consider themselves regular smokers. Over half a million French smoke cannabis every day. The total market consists of 1.2 million users, who consume 208 tonnes of cannabis, and spend 832 million euros on it”.

Everybody can understand how this number are little compared to the reality. French people are believed the heavier cannabis user in Europe with a population of smokers/users of about 10 million people. However it is even forbidden to speak  about cannabis (unless you speak bad about it) and this prohibition is ennforced by the criminal laws. It seems difficult to start a debate about cannabis under such a law. Sad time for a nation that gave us in the past l’Etat de Droit, l’Illuminisme and many other contributes to the European Civilisation.



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