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Industrial hemp is still considered an illegal drug

Industrial hemp is  still considered an illegal drug: it can sound like a joke, in the year 2007, but it’ not like this. This decision comes by a tribunal of a country that is yes civilised, but that has shown now for 80 years all its stupidity in the the so called “war on drugs”. Economical interest against hemp are so strong that in the tribunal a judge can still says nowadays that hemp is a drug because it contains traces of THC. U.S. District Judge Daniel Hovland dismissed the farmers’ lawsuit against the U.S. government that Wayne Hauge and Dave Monson presented to keep the federal government barred from prosecuting them for growing industrial hemp under state regulations approved last year. This shows once again how strong are the economic reasons at the base of the cannabis prohibition. The government doesn’t care of the public health, just to protect the interest of the lobbies that finances the elections campains. Here it is, the “biggest democracy in the world”.



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