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Auto Cheese NL Feminized

(13 customer reviews)

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The aroma of the Cheese sweetens up the strong earthy aroma of the Northen Lights. The result is a plant very easy to grow, with a large harvest and an unmistakable aroma.

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This wonderful autoflowering strain brings some new aromas in our collection, its funky smell is indeed a mix of old cheeses. The Cheese is a particular variant of Skunk with a distinctive taste: we have crossed the Auto Cheese with our stronger Auto Northern Lights, so the plant grows faster and stronger and it is more resistant to mold and pests. The aroma of the Cheese sweetens up the strong earthy aroma of the Northen Lights. The result is a plant very easy to grow, with a large harvest and an unmistakable aroma. The buds grow very big and pretty compact. The finishing time is about 65-67 days. The high is very well balanced, happy and creative. Auto Cheese NL is an exceptional strain that every grower needs to experience at least once in his hobby room.

Available in bags of 2, 5, 10 and 25 seeds.

Kind of seeds: Autoflowering Female


30% Sativa 50% Indica 20% Ruderalis

Total Growing Time: 9,5 weeks

Yield: up to 110 gr per plant indoor, up to 220 gr per plant outdoor

Flavor: Old Cheese

Effect: well balanced, happy and creative

THC: 16%

CBD: low

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13 reviews for Auto Cheese NL Feminized

  1. Tophat

    Germinated 5, and all 5 popped and growing nicely. These ladies smell like an old UK cheese, and the aroma is wonderful. They grow to be pretty big Auto’s and the yield is exceptional. I got around 100 +/- 20 grams per plant. The buds are huge and rock hard. These girls get really sticky and the resin just flows if grown properly. LST them to get a bigger harvest for sure. MOC, you all have done an amazing job with these ladies. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. JamesQ

    all 5 germinated, very fast growth. Am very excited to see the end result of these beauties.

  3. p s

    all germinated, great plants ! fast grow too …

  4. Black Betty

    I have grown many of these, potent, strong grower, easy trim, great yielder. Averaging 3-4 ozs each.

  5. Charles

    Just finished a 8×4 of ur auto cheese nl.only grow autos now,and this by far obe of the best and easiest grows..was my first experience with ministry but can’t wait to try another

  6. CannaFan

    This cannabis strain is great. Easy to grow and with a wonderful taste. AA++

  7. Greatestleague

    I ordered the auto cheese got it in a great amount of time it germinated very well now im just waiting for the results

  8. Mr.Greenthumb

    This was an easy grow..The plant is finished in about 65 days.The high is good. I got 5 seeds an everyone of them germinated and finished. I ended up with about a half from every girl… The buds will be frosted with T in about 30 days..I can say that these lil ladies were sexy and I enjoyed growing them!!

  9. aaron p

    very nice would try again.. I just grow 5 of them with air pot and vitalink nutrients that all had nice heights of (90cm,80cm,65cm,64cm,71cm) they all had very fat buds all over the. Now one of my favour strands Now just need to try the rest of the stands you got 🙂

  10. Stealth false wall growing

    Fill your grow space with thick big colas quickly with this one. I ran it on a top feed drip with DWC underneath. First grow in years turned out way better than I ever expected. It grew lot larger than I expected so make sure to have plenty of grow space indoors. Using drip, DWC and LED’s it quickly outgrew the 2x2x4 tent she was in. The aroma is amazing and the plant fills up with a lot of huge great colas quickly. Couldn’t be easier to grow either. Just chopped and hung hoping the smoke is fruity and smooth after curing. My wife doesn’t let me grow so I built a false wall in my basement to grow this behind. Everything worked out great going to do another run shortly. so far for germ im 2/3. Stay Up

  11. kennyC

    Excellent Product very easy to Grow and forgiving FOR BEGINNERS!!

  12. Dyce

    I’m a stoner but I’m new to growing, so this is my first harvest. Long story short. I didn’t even wait to finish curing. I was only less than a week in. I had to try, it. No harshness on my throat and it still smells bomb. This strain has me feeling mellow and relaxed with a creepy smile on my face. That’s when I know the weed is good. On top of that, I don’t smoke in the morning because it normally puts me back to sleep. Nope, this strain got me energetic ready to clean! Love it! Will reorder!

  13. parwith

    Pleasant high, potent but not overbearing. Fantastic for writing and other creative pursuits. Easy to grow, takes well to training.

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