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Did George Washington Smoke Weed?

Did George Washington Smoke Weed?

The question of whether George Washington, the first President of the United States, smoked cannabis is a provocative one that has been debated by historians and cannabis enthusiasts alike. Over the years, a combination of anecdotal evidence, Washington’s own diaries, and historical context have led to varied interpretations. To understand the nuances of this discussion, it’s essential to delve into both the historical records and the broader context of hemp cultivation in 18th-century America.

George Washington and Hemp Cultivation

It’s well-documented that George Washington was a farmer and landowner who grew hemp at his plantation, Mount Vernon. The primary sources of this information are his diaries and farm ledgers, where he mentioned hemp several times. In the 18th century, hemp was a valuable crop in colonial America, primarily grown for its strong fibers which were used to produce rope, sails, cloth, and paper.

Given that hemp was legally cultivated and its industrial applications were well-recognized, there’s no doubt that Washington, like many farmers of his time, grew it for such purposes. For instance, Washington once wrote, “Began to separate the male from the female hemp… rather too late.” This note suggests his interest in the quality and production of the hemp crop.

Cannabis Sativa: Hemp vs. Marijuana

One primary source of confusion in this discussion is the distinction between hemp and marijuana. Both are derived from the Cannabis sativa plant but serve different purposes and have distinct chemical compositions. While marijuana is cultivated for its psychoactive properties due to the compound THC, hemp is grown for its fibers and contains minimal THC.

Given the documented uses of hemp in Washington’s era, and the low THC content in the hemp strains cultivated, it’s highly unlikely that the hemp grown on his plantation was used for recreational smoking or ingestion.

Speculations and Anecdotes

Despite the evidence pointing to industrial uses of hemp, some anecdotes suggest the Founding Fathers might have been aware of cannabis’s psychoactive properties. Some argue that they could have used it for medicinal or even recreational purposes. Such speculations are often fueled by interpretations of period letters and documents. For instance, there’s a famous quote attributed to Washington, “Make the most of the Indian hemp seed, and sow it everywhere!” This has been used by cannabis enthusiasts to suggest his endorsement of the plant’s broader uses. However, without explicit references to smoking or ingestion, these claims remain speculative.

Moreover, another Founding Father, Dr. Benjamin Rush, who was a signer of the Declaration of Independence and a prominent physician, considered excessive use of alcohol and other substances (possibly including cannabis) as harmful. If such views were prevalent among the intellectual elite of the time, it might suggest that recreational use of cannabis was not widespread or accepted.


In conclusion, there’s no direct evidence to suggest that George Washington smoked or consumed cannabis for psychoactive effects. His diaries and records, coupled with the broader historical context, point towards the industrial use of hemp rather than recreational or medicinal ingestion.

To assert that Washington smoked weed would be an oversimplification and perhaps an attempt to retrofit modern cannabis culture onto historical figures without concrete proof. What is clear, though, is that hemp played a significant role in early American agriculture and that George Washington, as an innovative farmer, saw its value and potential.

It’s always tempting to speculate about the personal habits of historical figures, especially when it intersects with modern debates and cultural shifts. However, in the case of George Washington and cannabis, the evidence suggests that while he undoubtedly recognized hemp’s agricultural value, claims about his personal use of the plant for its psychoactive properties remain in the realm of speculation.



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