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Imminent Legalization of Cannabis in Canada

It is without a doubt that recreational use of marijuana will soon be legally accepted in Canada. The Senate already passed what is considered a historic bill where the vote was 52-29. Out of all the countries around the world, Canada is only the second (and the first of the G7 nations) to implement legislation that permits a countrywide market for marijuana.

Meanwhile, in the neighboring United States, there are a total of nine states, along with the District of Columbia, which allow recreational use of cannabis. Meanwhile, 30 states approve the use of marijuana medically.
Bill C-45 or the Cannabis Act is from one of the campaign pledges of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The aim was to make sure underage users will not be able to use marijuana. The move should also help in reducing related crimes.

Last year in April, the act to legalize weed for recreational use was introduced. In November of the same year, the House of Commons passed the act, and the Senate was the final hurdle of the process. The Canadian government had stated that the initial intention was to implement the law by July 2018. All territories and provinces will be responsible for creating their own rules when it comes to selling marijuana.

Cannabis will remain illegal for recreational use in Canada until mid-October this year. For now, it can be used for treating patients but typically only under several conditions. These requirements are outlined in the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations, which is issued by Health Canada.

Even without the new act, the cultivation of cannabis is legal in the country, which means that seed, fiber, and grain can be obtained under specific licenses as approved by Health Canada. Restrictions will soon be removed in October, which makes Canada the second country to legalize marijuana after Uruguay.

It was in 1923 when cannabis was banned here, but in 2001, regulated medical use became legal. In the 2015 campaigns for elections, Justin Trudeau, who is the Liberal Party of Canada leader, committed himself to legalize the plant for personal use. He expressed his support while campaigning and he eventually won as the Liberals took 184 seats during the election. The triumph allowed the party to create a majority government in which Trudeau now serves as the Prime Minister.

The original plan was to get rid of cannabis possession for recreational or personal use from the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. It should be noted though that there would be new laws, which will be enacted to come up with greater punishment for people convicted of providing cannabis supply to minors. Additionally, more penalties will be imposed on people who get into an accident while driving a motor vehicle after getting high.

The Cannabis Act has allowed provinces to determine how they would distribute or sell marijuana. Homeowners may be allowed to grow their own plants depending on the province, and it is even possible that cannabis use will be acceptable inside private homes where children are present.



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