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10 Reasons Cannabis Improves Your Sex Life

“Everything is better when you are high”.

Food tastes better when you’re high. The sun is better when you’re high. And even “friends” seem to be more fun after a joint… But what about sex?

Modern cannabis use occurs for a variety of reasons, some medical, some recreational, but it has a long history intertwined with sex.

But you’ve heard that sex can be a great aphrodisiac. The truth is, yes, cannabis enhances sex in so many ways.

Here’s why :

#1. It opens you up to adventure

First and foremost, you will feel the sense of adventure and freedom from inhibitions.

Often partners will be willing to try something they normally wouldn’t try, such as a new position or introducing a “toy” to the bedroom. These moments can build trust between members of a relationship, as both simultaneously expand and grow their usual comfort zones.

The process also allows each of them to learn a lot from the other and will certainly be an opportunity to share intimate jokes and laughter.

Sexual experimentation tends to create closer couples and can promote trust. Couples who smoke together tend to stay together. It’s not just because of the sex, but this one certainly doesn’t hurt.

Certain components of marijuana, CBN more specifically, interact with the brain’s serotonergic system to further enhance the feeling of euphoria, which can lead one to feel emotionally closer to their chosen partner, for a night out or for life.

#2. It makes you more creative

Smoking marijuana is known to increase a process in the brain called hyper priming which affects the more abstract and creative part of thinking when one has consumed. This can be perfect for sex, since you will be able to react differently during sex. Maybe you’ll say something that will surprise both of you and your lover, or find yourself in a position you never thought possible?

Being creative is undoubtedly an asset as a lover and will be appreciated. It’s not just what happens during sex but also everything before it that matters. Choosing the right dish, pressure, and even a nightcap can help improve the mood. Adequate effort can even, for some of us, take the form of a ticket out for the house dog.

#3. It emotionally strengthens relationships

In a relationship where the two individuals are willing to take a step out of their comfort zones, the bond uniting them is close since they feel more trust in each other.

Marijuana sometimes allows us to be more emotionally receptive to our partners, which can help strengthen long-term relationships. Each person willing to talk openly about their thoughts and feelings is essential for the health and eventual success of a relationship.

Now, it’s not just about the relationship, but those feelings of closeness certainly make for exceptional sex between two willing partners. Trusting each other and knowing boundaries are the keys to good sex since you’re unlikely to ruin your partner’s mood. Cannabis helps in this too and we already know how it can help us to be bold enough to try new things.

#4. It increases tactile sensations and pleasure

From a strictly physical point of view, marijuana makes sex feel better. All tactile senses are heightened, meaning there is a greater influx of sensations.

Increasing petting is more pleasurable and easily influences the effects of marijuana. The heightened sensitivity can be so intense that we feel like we know the exact location of every nerve ending in our body.

This is especially beneficial for the physical aspects of sex. Sexual satisfaction is neither entirely physical nor emotional, but marijuana actively promotes both aspects at once.

#5. It increases libido

It has been known for centuries that cannabis can be used as an excellent aphrodisiac. In many Eastern cultures, there are male products that claim to improve sexual mastery and help both women and men emotionally and physically get on the right wavelength.

In clinical studies, women were shown to be more receptive to marijuana as a source of arousal, but both men and women said it increased their arousal and pleasure from sex.

Likewise, they together reported that they were physically better prepared for sex after smoking cannabis. Whether this is due to being more aroused or an effect of cannabis itself is uncertain, but the results have been tested and proven for generations. Hashish is used in smaller amounts in Eastern cultures but is still effective due to its increased potency.

#6. It offers different strains for different people

Deciding which strain each person prefers based on the vibe can take some time, and often couples find they have different tastes. In these situations, it may be good to accept what the partner appreciates from time to time. Or select two and share, either way, it’s still nice to compromise.

Your partner will like it and you might find that you like indica strains more for intimate moments than your usual sativa.

There are more strains than ever, so go in search of something new and different to try together, like a mango-flavored sativa. On the way home, bring some dark chocolate covered berries to satisfy the cravings and accentuate the aroma and flavor of the “buds”.

Matching each other’s flavors and aromas is an easy way to get the most subtle notes from a strain, and thus make someone very happy at home.

#7. It heightens your senses

In the bedroom, our empathetic nature helps us to help each other, as the partners are connected to each other’s reactions and desires. Our heightened senses allow us to better feel that kiss on the neck, hear sweet nothings, and all the other ways our senses interact with sex.

Nothing is more passionate than giving each other the full and undivided attention of your five senses. The feeling will be more intense for both partners and they will come to enjoy sex more, which can help individuals in a relationship lead healthier lives.

Remember that some sativa strains can be very intense and not the most suitable for having sex, but it’s always worth trying until you find your own preference.

#8. It improves communication

Communication is key in all relationships, even sexual ones. When she says “ho baby, yes right here”, she probably means it. Or, at the very least we can all hope that she does and actually enjoys the act.

Cannabis can help us open up more to talk about what helps us achieve orgasms, in both men and women. Smoking can quickly turn those awkward taboo conversations into a better and more successful sexual relationship.

Opening these lines of communication will be a good habit and will inevitably weigh on other aspects of daily life, which is a good thing. It can make the restaurant selection process a little easier, hopefully. As mentioned above, it can improve relationships and make them last, if not help get married.

#9. It allows you to have fun alone

Sometimes the best moments in the bedroom actually come from our imaginations. Cannabis is known to make us more creative, allowing us to craft more compelling fantasies, with or without a partner.

Many report that they enjoy their solitary moments at least as much as with a lover. Their fantasies tend to be more clear and precise, which can help them when realizing them. Apart from addictive habits, there is nothing wrong with masturbating, it has even been cited as contributing to hormonal balance, similar to the sexual act.

For many people, smoking cannabis remains a rather divisive act. Talking to a partner about using marijuana can be tricky, especially if you’ve already detected their disapproval of the behavior, but it’s still necessary. Who knows, maybe he or she will relax, taste with you and amaze you in the best way?

#10. Cannabis is better than alcohol for sex

It is important to always manage the doses when using cannabis. Women smoke less but more often to get in the mood, while men usually smoke more and sometimes smoke too much, finding themselves unable to perform the act.

Medium to moderate doses are recommended to adequately enhance sexual activity, which may vary from person to person as tolerance depends on usage and genetics. It is easy to overdose the first time and it may take several attempts to determine the correct dosage. A little experience is therefore required.

Excessive smoking is never a good thing, but it won’t make you sick. It will probably put you to sleep, or keep you sitting on the bench for so long that you forget when exactly you smoked in the first place. Marijuana is much less harmful than alcohol and can even protect against damage normally caused by alcohol.

Don’t forget that cannabis is much better for sex than alcohol. For all things having to do with marijuana and sex, moderation unfortunately leads to the best, but that means we should all enhance the good times we have together and there’s a variety for that.




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