Skateboarding and Weed: A Way of Life

If there is one thing most people know about the skateboarding industry, it is that weed is a part of it. Just by looking at the gear in this sport, you can quickly conclude that it is full of pot enthusiasts. Aside from the accessories and the skateboards, the pros themselves directly exhibit their use during interviews and on their social media pages.

Almost every few weeks, we hear about athletes involved in a pot-related case and they are usually condemned by the public. However, skateboarding is more relaxed than most sports. It does not require a urine sample from skaters before or after their performances.

Some skaters claim that they perform better in an event if they smoke a joint first. According to psychoanalysts, it may have a connection since many skateboarders have a rebellious attitude that gives them the confidence to ignore social conventions. Because of that, their affinity towards marijuana is strong and enhanced. Others say that the effects of marijuana itself have a direct impact on the sport.

Perhaps it is true since there are compounds in the plant that can be useful in skateboarding. One example is THC, which is known to reduce fear while increasing self-confidence. The sport can also be painful, especially for those who land on their butts, legs, arms, or heads. THC can lower sensitivity to pain and may even increase pain tolerance. Some skaters also claim that they focus better when they are stoned or under the influence of the drug.

The 2020 Olympics

Skateboarding will be included in the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. Unfortunately, there is one problem: weed.

Five new sports will make their debut at the next Olympics, which will be held in Tokyo, Japan. However, as mentioned above, some skateboarders believe that they perform better when they are on weed. Given the stature of the Olympics, several skateboarders may not want to compete because they have to give up marijuana.

Pros wonder how it will work, especially where testing for drugs is concerned. Some guys need to be high to perform their best, but they would have to stop and follow the rules if they want to participate in the Olympics. According to some of the top names in the sport, the lack of the stoned feeling will affect the performance of the skateboarders.

It looks like most professional sports will continue its restrictions toward marijuana use. In fact, ever since the inception of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in 1999, the organization listed cannabinoids as one of the prohibited substances for sports competitions.

Still, the masters in skateboarding, such as Duane Peters (one of the earliest players of pool skating) and Jay Adams (a critical member of the first Z Boys), are known to be stoners.

If you are a skater who has not experienced being stoned while performing, you can try it but note that some people cannot handle the effects. There are adverse side effects, just like there are positive ones. Both stoners and weed-free individuals can be great skateboarders, and that has been proven many times.



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