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Effects of Cannabis in Female Orgasm

When Viagra was introduced in the 1990s, there were actually some women who hoped that a feminine version of the product would come out soon enough.

There were different experiments and tests but even until today, women are still waiting for some kind of a pill that would enhance their sexual experience. While there seem to be no clues yet as to when the ladies’ pill will be available, there is one way to improve the female libido: marijuana.

To add to the ever-growing list of benefits of cannabis, weed may also be the greatest climax enhancer known to man – or woman. Throughout history, it has been shown that pot indeed can heighten the sex drive of women, while also increasing their sensual awareness.

The Connection between Women’s Sexual Arousal and Marijuana Consumption

There is actually a close association between the female libido and weed, and it has been documented in many early societies as well as recent studies. Marijuana use and its benefits to the satisfaction of women in the bedroom have been proven by researchers in many parts of the world.

As women get older, problems with their sexuality arise, including pain during intercourse and the inability to get turned on. There is no magic cure for these issues, but some women advise other women to try sex while high. You may have heard about the different stories surrounding marijuana and orgasms of women, but it is a truth acknowledged universally that sex can become a much better experience when high.

Best Marijuana for Sex

Every person can have a different reaction to weed, but experts believe that it is best to use sativa strains to have better sexual experience. Sativa has a wonderful effect on the body, including promotion of muscle contraction. Plus, these strains are able to provide an energizing high that pumps the blood throughout the body. We all know that good blood flow is required in order to keep the feminine area properly lubricated. Sativa strains are also effective in keeping the woman’s level of excitement.

As for the other type of cannabis, which is indica, it actually produces the reverse effect of sativa strains. If you use indica before sex, it can make you more lethargic and even paranoid. Of course, this can only happen if you consume this type of cannabis in large quantities. Nevertheless, you can still use indica for sex if it is the type you have available.

For some people, indicas are better because of the longer lasting orgasms they provide. Plus, this variety of weed gives them a full-bodied climax. Meanwhile, if you have a hybrid strain, it can also help you with your orgasm. Hybrids are actually more preferred by many stoner couples because this marijuana type is more balanced. Hybrid weed also makes it more difficult to get too high, which when it happens, can affect your sexual performance.

While there are still no sexual enhancers for women, there are cannabis-based lubricants that you can try. These products are specially designed for women so that they can have better sex experience without distractions since they will not give you the munchies or cause you to get too high.



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