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Grow Weed Using No-Till Gardening

No-till gardening is all about using the natural processes of our ecosystem which has the ability to regenerate itself without the need for humans to intervene in the process. In simpler terms, you can grow weed without disturbing the soil which will lead to you growing very high quality cannabis. This method is preferable for growers who want a more natural and organic product and the best part is that you can do it both indoors and outdoors for cannabis growing year after year.

What is No-Till Gardening?

This process is also known as direct drilling or zero tillage. It refers to the process of growing crops without disturbing the soil by tillage (stirring, overturning, or digging into soil). You can recognise this process in countries where there is a fall/autumn season. During this season, leaves fall from the tops of trees and fall to the ground. Once they hit the ground, the leaves are broken down through natural decomposition and returned to the soil in the form of humus.
With no-till gardening, weed is harvested and all other parts of the plant to include the leaves, stalks, and branches are returned to the mulch layer to repeat the growing process. Instead of shopping around for chemicals and/or added nutrients that are often added to soil to improve your grow and harvest, no-till gardening allows your marijuana plants to rely on its own organic matter which will include living organisms, good bacteria, and beneficial fungi to self-maintain the soil.

Why is It Popular?

This method of cannabis growing is very popular among growers who want better tasting, more flavourful, and more potent organic buds. In addition, it follows organic and sustainable philosophies which are a part of the organic lifestyle which is gaining popularity as more and more people become more educated on marijuana growing.

Just like food or drinks, you want to know what you are putting inside your body. When you grow your weed with no-till farming, you will take full advantage of beneficial microbes, fungi, and organic life such as worms and other organisms that break down the soil naturally to make it stronger and resilient.
Today’s grower is a lot more educated than in the past. Most growers want cannabis that is not grown from mysterious or unknown sources or produced with potentially-harmful chemicals. No-till gardening allows you to grow a health-focused, organic product that does not leave a heavy carbon footprint and still gives you healthy, potent buds.

How to Get Started

To get started with no-till gardening, it is recommended that you start composting if you have not done so already. There are several recipes to get the right soil mix and this will take a little research on your part. You may have to purchase a few ingredients such as peat moss, compost, lava rock, among other items; so most of your growing budget using this technique will go towards investing in the right soil balance.

There are several soil mixes and grow mediums you can choose from. You should choose one that fits your growing needs and allows you to source everything locally. With this technique, you can harvest the highest-quality weed year after year with hardly any maintenance at all.



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