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Bong vs. Joint – The Debate Continues

Whether you love to take big rips from a bong or pass around a fat doobie, the conversation and debate on which one is better is bound to come up sooner or later. You can often see this topic discussed on online forums and other types of online marijuana-related social media groups. To help clear things up, here are a few things you should know about bongs and joints to decide which smoking method is right for you.

What’s the Difference?

When you smoke a joint, you are able to inhale the smoke in multiple small hits until it is burned out. Each hit from the joint burns a small part of it and a very small part of the smoke is lost unless you are able to take really long hard pulls – which is not very common. With a bong, you inhale all of the smoke at once and only a small amount of weed is required. More of the smoke is able to be contained within the bong so there is a decreased loss of smoke when compared to a joint.

Benefits of a Joint

Some people argue that a joint is the only real way to smoke marijuana because all you need is some cigarette papers and weed. You can customize it to make a tiny little personal joint or you can roll a big fat spliff you are smoking with a large group of people. Joints are also more discrete because you can smoke them while on the go. Unlike a bong, a joint is easier to dispose of in case of an emergency. Rolling papers can also be made out of many household items and when compared to a bong, it only has to be lit once.

Benefits of a Bong

Other stoners will swear that a bong is the only option because when compared to a joint, you will get extra stoned using the same amount of weed. The smoke from a bong is breathed in more deeply and there is less smoke lost so THC and other cannabinoids have a much better absorption rate in the lungs. This is why you will hear many bong lovers claim that smoking a joint is a waste because with a bong, you can get very stoned with just a small amount of weed. Unlike the way some people roll joints, you do not have to mix tobacco with weed which can ruin the pure effect that you get with a bong.

Is Smoking With a Bong Healthier?

When compared to joints, bongs are a much healthier option. Many people choose to mix tobacco with cannabis when smoking a joint and the pollutants from it are not healthy for your lungs. Also, an unfiltered joint that is rolled with weed only is still one of the unhealthiest ways to smoke.

Bongs also use water so as you smoke, the water will cool it down and make it smoother before you breathe it into your throat and lungs. This effect helps catch unnecessary weed particles, butane from the lighter, and ash that would later turn into tar once inside your lungs. When you add ice to a bong, this causes an even healthier effect.

Smoke What You Prefer

There are benefits to both joints and bongs and it all depends on your personal preference. In terms of the health of your lungs, a bong is a much better way to go. All in all, you should smoke using the method that makes you feel the most satisfied.



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