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Green Box Grown Mini Stater Kits: The best way to grow your own cannabis plants

Growers who are beginning to become interested in cannabis cultivation often find it difficult to find the right tools for their crops.

Fortunately, since the growing kits were invented, hundreds of thousands of people are growing their plants and having very good crops.

Today we are going to talk about our favourite starter kits for growing cannabis: The kits offered by the company Green Box Grown.

This company was born thanks to the idea of Dylan Osborn, its founder, who, interested in the cultivation of medicinal cannabis, decided to found a brand that would help people to learn how to grow cannabis.

On their page we can see videos of great quality where they offer us advice for cultivation, seed germination, harvesting and curing, and other essential aspects such as pests that can affect plants.

Also the page of Green Grow Box has a blog updated almost everyday in which to read articles in depth on product reviews, farming tips, news, and much more.

But what really makes the difference are the Starter Kits. And most of all the “Mini” kits because with its small sizes, they are ideal to start growing, even if we have not many space in our house.

For growers who want to plant outdoors, they offer a very interesting solution, and with an unbeatable price, the Mini Outdoor Starter Kit.

This small giant comes equipped with everything you need to start planting: Fertilizer, product for soil pH control, oscillating fan, titanium scissors, three gallons of, twelve quarts of Smart Pot, potting soil, a MicroBrite Microscope, cotton twinne, and Classical structure 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse of very easy assembly, and resistant to the weather outdoors.

But, what happens if we want to have a complete kit for indoor cultivation?

There is no problem, because at Green Grow Box they are offering another complete set with incredible options to start to grow your cannabis in a very simple and comfortable way.

The perfect location to place this kit would be in a small closet.
Also this kit is equipped with everything necessary to have an average harvest of two ounces!

The Mini Indoor Starter Kit is equipped with

– A Valuebox Mini Grow Tent
– 300W LED Lighting
– Potting Soil
– A set of professional fertilizer
– Titanium Coated Trimming Scissors
– Product for soil pH control
– Microscope Carson MicroBrite
– Oscillating Fan
– 200 ft Cottton Twinne

But these two “mini” size kits are not the only ones we can find on the Green Box Grown website. They have up to eight complete kits for all tastes and needs.

We recommend that you visit its website to know all the kits for indoor and outdoor cultivation. They are professionals, are well acquainted with the trade of cultivators, and offer the best options on the market.

You can find their website at:



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