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Macron will change the laws on cannabis in France?

Several journalistic sources are pointing that the new president of France, Emmanuel Macron, will make a step forward: No more prison for use of cannabis, only fines.

During the presidential campaign that confronted Macron with ultra right-wing Marie Le Pen, the debate on marijuana was topical in the French media.

Macron promised that he would study a new law to reduce the penalties for possession and consumption of marijuana, which in the Gallic country are very strict, and away from the wave of regulation and tolerance that, step by step, is becoming a trend in The western countries.

In France, according to the law established by Marshal De Gaulle even mentioning marijuana in positive terms in public, can bring penalties.

Although there are many groups of medical cannabis users throughout the country, they must claim their use in an alternative and underground way, since there are no associations or institutions that can publicly mention marijuana as a medicinal therapy.

This could change if Macron maintains his promise, and establishes a parliamentary commission to study the decriminalization of marijuana use and cultivation, as some sources point out, or at the very least, replace jail sentences caused by cannabis possession for simple fines or administrative penalties.

Now, let’s face the question that everyone is asking: “when?”.

Last week the rumours of winds of change in France increased, since some users in forums began to speak of that Macron would have in its agenda the new regulation like a priority.

The most reliable sources, however, point to the fact that the new president of France would not start with the new bill until at least December of this year.

Is this a disappointment?
Well, relatively.

Many cannabis users voted for Macron’s promise to regulate cannabis use, and now they feel a little disappointed.

But it is certain that France will have a less strict law soon because its citizens are demanding the regulation of medical cannabis, and Macron must listen to the French people.



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